Sana Bucha leaves Geo News again ‘Coz of Geo’

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Karachi: Known for her sarcastic style of anchoring, Sana Bucha has left Geo News ‘because of Geo News’ again.

This is what told by her on a question when she was asked whether she left Geo for Dunya News, a tough competitor of the former one. Here is the question and answer by Sana:


After a successful stint in print journalism Sana had joined Geo News where she made a unique place for herself – both behind and in front of the camera.

She is especially interested in the dynamics of the Middle East, the USA’s role in South Asia and the explosion of militant ideology in the frontier province.

She has not been anchoring her program “Laken” for last couple of weeks and now she disclosed that she is no more a part of Geo.

The First Venture of Sana

Earlier, Sana Bucha, left Geo News after Media Gate Scandal over dispute with the channel administration.

She made a comeback to Geo News after settling his dispute with the TV management.

Sana appeared in her “Lakin Doosri Tarf”  show on Sunday with telling the story of her resignation and comeback to the country’s leading media group.

She endorsed the speculations, which has been doing the round on social media, that she had left the TV due to appointment of Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain, without mentioning his name.

Neither i have been on annual vacations nor i had some personal engagements. I resigned from Geo News, seeing the TV channel was it self going against what it taught me. I learned from Geo how to fight for truth. I have not changed my position i am stick to my principled stand.

She dispelled the reports that she resigned from the TV channel for remuneration issue.

Sana told the viewers that upon her advice the TV channel embroiled upon a new campaign of social contract, which she claimed would set new rules for the media organization and every individual would be responsible for his/her deeds irrespective of how much commercials and ratings he/she bring for the TV.

” I like things black and white, i don’t like grey areas,” she concluded.

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5 Responses to " Sana Bucha leaves Geo News again ‘Coz of Geo’ "

  1. Ahmadharis910 says:

    About the article writer said she developed a reputation for writing articles. Yeah she did but thats not journalism thats copy pasting a foreign paper

  2. Aana Paracha says:

    I think Sana Bucha is like a Puppet of anti-Islam think tanks.
    she is going to use against Islam and Islamic Scholars.That’s the reason she has left the GEO after some time joining Dr.Aamir liaquat hussain.As we know about Sana Bucha she is Muslim league(N) Supporter she always take Soft-Conner against tham.I think she ran away. Couldn’t take it anymore, as she was facing harsh criticism from her viewers because of her soft corner for PML(N). 

  3. Here is Original News in which its
    clearly stated tha Geo News Anchor Sana Bucha has left Geo Tv network ‘because
    of Geo News’ again. it’s revealed in latest tweets of Sana bucha but it has not
    to do anything with aamir liaquat hussain,they are both professional anchors
    and have their own place in media.

    She has not been anchoring her
    program “Lekin” for last couple of weeks and now she disclosed that She has
    left Geo Tv network
    Earlier, Sana Bucha, left Geo News after Media Gate Scandal over dispute with
    channel administration and She made a comeback to Geo after settling his
    dispute with the Geo TV management.

  4. Fara ali says:

    She got a good offer from Dunya TV and could not resist the temptation of getting a pocket full money package. Earlier on, Abdul Malik, Younus Butt, Hassan Nisar, Nazir Naji have left GEO and joined DUNYA TV. Don’t tell me that they all had objection to Amir Liaquat’s appearance on GEO.I don’t Know what is big deal about this, I think there are some portals are systematically launch
    campaign against Aamir Liaquat and Spreading Conspiracy Theory to Relax their personal grudge.
    We all know in this media industry every one switch some for better opportunity, some for better money and some for better position.

    It’s just professionalism.

  5. Ahmad Usman says:

    …… Leken comes back coz no other channel gives that much money for telling lies as Geo. 

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