Annie Khalid divorce rumors proved false: Report

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Lahore: The latest buzz of well known Pakistani music artist and song writer Annie Khalid Divorce proved false after the denial of her media manager according to the Woman Tribe.

Annie Khalid got married to Malik Noureed Awan a couple of months ago in Lahore, Pakistan while her Walima ceremony was held in Abbottabad.

The unique thing in Annie’s divorce rumors that the information are not generated over digital/social media this time like Shaista Wahidi and Asim-uk-Haq Qureshi’s cases, but a print publication City42 from Lahore reported the story:

“The reason behind the split up of two is due to her husband’s unacceptability of giving his wife a free hand to carry on media business and appearing on live shows”.

Annie Khalid’s media manager Faisal Khan, denied the rumors and terms the story totally “baseless”.

He confirmed though that a newspaper has spread such rumor but told us that Annie and her husband Noureed Awan have been settled in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai “quite happily”.

Woman Tribe also claimed while quoting Faisal Khan that Annie’s team have asked the newspaper to publish an apology in its Monday’s publication. If “they fail to do so, then we will look forward for some other actions” he said.

Currently Annie is doing her routine tasks as she running her studio. She is also planning a news video will be directed by Asad-ul-Haq.

“She will be in Pakistan with her husband at the end of December” Woman Tribe also reported while quoting Annie’s media manager.

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  1. Umarsaif25 says:

    I can’t se anything wrong about his statement. A muslim women should know her limit and of course no husband would accept her wife dancing, singing and so on. But her husband is also rich so who knows what he had don before?

  2. Guest says:

    Why this news story is giving so much credits to “Woman Tribe” ? Is that a Sister website ? or run by the sister of the post author?

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