Star words on Eid al-Adha

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Nouman Javaid

I hardly celebrate Eid or any other day but I do spend Eid watching films a whole lot of films and by taking a break from everyone and everything some quality time with me, myself.   It starts with a ritual sacrifice of a lamb which I perform myself then I eat my kill.

What can I say? I’m simply complicated just like life. I reply to each and every comment, wish and post from my fans as my fans are very important to me. Regards and Eid greetings.

Fariha Pervez

Oh I love Eids and on such events and I love to talk to mye fans, friends, family, my nephew and niece. I keep my ears closed when qurbani kay liye qasaab ata hai and he is ready to slaughter it.

Wes Malik

 It starts with the decision of how many animals we’re going to sacrifice as a family because many of my family members ask me to make arrangements. I always go to the Bakra Mandi (with my girls) and haggle the best I can and then bring them home which is the usual.

On Eid day, wake up at Fajr, pray, then make sure I don’t eat drink, (or shave!) until I’ve sent our sacrifice to heaven.

Yes, if you’re wondering, I do the sacrifice myself. And for the last decade my Eid has been shared on ‘Eid Specials” on radio and every year I know I have to host a show and every year I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do on the show! I wish every one of your readers a very safe and happy Eid Mubarak. I love to hear from fans and usually its twitter, facebook and SMS that I get Eid wishes on, it warms my heart when they take out the time to wish an Eid Mubarak.

Shakila Ahmed

Celebrations depend on which part of the globe I am in. Being in Karachi means meeting relatives, greeting friends and being in some Eid show, either live or on television. Being abroad most holidays are just phone greetings and an occasional dinner. It is always a feeling of love and sharing a common bond and that is what I try to convey to all who I come across.

Yasir Akhtar

Although I sleep very late on Chand Raats but I love to enjoy the Raunaq. It is lovely to notice well dressed people specially females with mehndi and bangles. The real fun of Eid is Chand Raat but I always try to offer my Eid Prayers. I celebrate first day of Eid with my family and on second day, I am either performing in a show or mostly giving live interviews on TV or Radio. Yes, I do reply to my fans regularly. It’s easier to be in touch with everyone when you have the latest version of I-phone. God Bless EVERYONE! Happy EID MUBARAK to ALL!

Shahvar Ali Khan

It’s rather a typical since I am not a ritualistic person. I marvel in amazement at those rare few who have understood the true spirit of sacrifice on Bari Eid. I get more duas and prayers from my fans on both sides of the border. Peace!

Sadaf Munir

Eid day starts with a smile and with all of my loved ones. Sivayaan or mithai is a must. It is wonderful to be wished ”Eid Mubarak ” and Eid is for family and friends.

My Fans are like an extended family to me and it feels wonderful to have a chance to celebrate happiness with them.

Naila Saadat

We celebrate Eid Day with family. On Eid day we make sure to meet each and every relative in town specially our elders. They are our first priority. For Qurbani we give money to Edhi center.

It feels really good to receive messages and calls from people, and to know how much they like us.

Mehrunnisa Hassan

Eid to me represents a sacred opportunity to express gratitude for Allah (SWT’s) countless blessings, which one can otherwise begin to take for granted in ones daily life. It is a time to offer thanks by means of helping those who are less fortunate in offering whatever is within ones means (food, clothing, alms). I personally begin preparing for Eid several weeks in advance and take great joy in the process of making ready baskets of food and clothing for distribution. I also enjoy meeting family members and friends to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

I remain grateful to fans across the globe and am diligent about responding to each person’s Eid greetings individually. I feel that fans are a very special gift from God and in so must be treated with love and respect. Each fan holds a special place in my life and in my heart.

Saif Samejo

I keep myself away from Qurbani matters though my dad does sacrifice. It’s difficult for me to see it and be part of it. I love one thing when we families meets, unites and for three long days a lot of gathering with relatives, friends etc go on and on, each night movie with friends, Bar BQ and my many old friends of school, college and university come to meet me even many of those who are settle foreign but because of Eid they do come and see me so that way it’s beautiful.

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