Amanda Michelle Todd suicide: Anonymous hackers name Kody Maxson as teen’s bully


Canadian teen Amanda Michelle Todd suicide cyber-bullying

Toronto: The hacker group Anonymous has named the identity of the culprit who it claims posted topless picture of 15 year old Amanda Todd on the web leading her to commit suicide a few weeks later.

Anonymous names a 32-year-old British Columbia man, Kody Maxson, as the man who blackmailed Amanda into putting on a private show for him or he would expose her.

The teenage girl committed suicide a few weeks after she uploaded a nine-minute video, describing the months of cyber-bullying she was subjected to.

Resisting his demands the man then went on to create a Facebook page with a list of her friends and used her naked chest as a profile photo.

The image then spread quickly amongst classmates who then went on to tease and bully her with the young girl then in an act of desperation deciding to take her own life, Scallywag & Vagabond reported.

The topless pictures came as a result of the young girl having gone on to an internet chat room when she was 12 in which she was convinced by the man to flash her breasts. In turn the man is then said to have plastered pictures of her topless on Facebook a year later.

Anonymous goes on to list the man they claim to behind Todd’s blackmail’s birth date and address.

Anonymous have also gone on to tie his username to websites where he is said to have ‘blackmailed’ and given advice to young girls.

Wrote someone claiming to be an anonymous spokesperson to media outlet CTV News:

“We generally don’t like to deal with police first-hand, but were compelled to put our skills to good use protecting kids. Ironically, we have some good people in Vancouver who brought this to our admin’s attention. It’s a very sad story that affects us all.”

At present Canadian authorities have refused to confirm whether Anonymous have the right man but Sergeant Peter Thiessen did tell the The Globe and Mail the following:

‘We are aware of what’s being posted online and certainly following up what we feel is important to follow up. ‘[Vigilantes] run the risk of committing a criminal offence.’


  1. I don’t get why the police aren’t looking into this further, if this was in the us, the authorities would be on top on this as soon as it happened, it wouldn’t have to be left to vigilantly justice….

  2. Another monster that needs to put in the general population in our jail system.. they will take care of him.. pretty bad when we have more faith in our inmates seeing justice served than on our justice system actually doing the right thing…. 

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  4. Anon has the right guy but this Kody kid actually put fake information (age and address) up to help disguise his pedo activity. However, the day after being outed he was brought in court on charges, where he admitted to reporters that he knew Amanda. He turned himself in immediately because he knows not eff with Anon or the dangerous lynch mobs that get out of control. 

  5. Well done wee need people like yous as police do nothing wot that poor girl went through so pretty such evil people in this world should lock away everyone that was involed in this cos this poor girl took her own life so sad and as for the pedo kody maxson lock him up and throw away the key