Lt. Jonathan Josey, cop who hit woman, to be fired


Lt. Jonathan Josey, cop who hit Aida Guzman, to be firedPhiladelphia: Police officials have decided on Thursday to suspend Lt. Jonathan Josey, the police officer seen on video punching a woman at a Philadelphia street party, for a month with the intent to dismiss.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey took what police called “commissioner’s direct action” on Wednesday in the case of the cop following Sunday’s events during a festival associated with the city’s Puerto Rican Day parade, AP reported.

A charge for the disorderly conduct against the woman was being withdrawn, Prosecutors earlier said.

The clip shows the cop strike the woman in the face and falling to the ground after she was seen spraying something from a can.

The president of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police says Josey is eager to tell his side of the story to internal investigators.


  1.  Aida Guzman was showing complete disrespect for the law and the police officers that put their lives on the line every time they put on that uniform. I understand she is parent . What is this teaching her children. Hopefully will will not hear that they hurt or shot an officer because of moms example.  Was Lt josey wrong? Yes. Does he deserve to lose his job ? No. After 19years of dealing with some of the worst people, he deserves counceling and another chance.  Guzman deserves to be charged for assault. Instead she and her lawyer are drooling over how much money they hope to get in a lawsuit that i’m sure is coming.  

    •  Errm, did you actually see the video? Can you tell me, when does she show disrespect for the law? Why she deserves to be charged for assault?.

      She did absolutely nothing, the guy behind her was the one who threw water to the officers, she just received the puch from the officer, who acted recklessly and violent.
      Lt Josey deserves to be charged for his reckless actions, he may think before punching innocent people the next time.

      • Yes Tyrus I can tell you  when she showed disrespect for the law.  In  a mob situation she chose to spray a policer officer,  who puts his or her life on the line to protect  us every day, with a substance he did not have the time to determine what it was. He was protecting  the community, his fellow officers, and himself.    I would never support a violent officer , who assaulted an innocent  person. Aida Guzman is not innocent unless you believe assaulting a police officer is legal. The video is only a snapshot of the event, good news  for Guzman. I hope there is a lawyer that can strap a set on  and defend an officer who has given 19 years of his life to law enforecement. I am not in law enforcement, but i see what these brave men and women have to endure. verbal abuse and physical abuse on a daily basis. I wonder if you were subject to the same abuse you would be so quick to pass judgemnt on Lt Josey?      

    • Do you have two eyes and a brain? That woman did nothing wrong. The police officer clearly lashed out at the first person he saw without a second thought. He sorely lacks self-control. Is that the kind of person that should be legally carrying a deadly weapon? I think not. This officer is not above the law and should be held responsible for his actions.

    • If you decide to be a cop, then you already acknowledge that you will
      see humanity at its worse sometimes —that is part of the job. I don’t
      feel pity for cops, they chose to become law enforcers. Many of them, I’m
      guessing, chose this profession because they respect the law and want to do something good and
      honorable with their lives. BUT there are some cops who (like any person) may have
      control and rage issues. Maybe that was brought on by working in this
      field. Maybe its a latent character trait. Who knows? But to coddle a
      cop who has obviously overacted and let him off the hook because he’s
      been exposed to 19 years of “abuse”. If he’s that tightly wound then
      perhaps he should have sought counseling BEFORE he decided to punch that
      woman in the face? Atleast this was caught on camera. I’ll give credit
      where its due and there are lots of decent police officers out there who
      don’t deserve to be painted with the same brush.

  2. He would have “his side of the story” if this incident had not been caught on camera.  Too bad for this crooked cop that the camera was rolling.  Sorry buddy…you don’t get to make something up this time.

  3. the philly police department   needs to stop with the bull””””!  They keep trying to find justify this mans actions. he abuse the fact that he is the law and the policy department will have his back. had that woman retaliated in some kind   of way she would have assault charges…..why shouldnt he be charged?

  4. No Charges? I dont understand – if I punched a woman in front of witnesses and on camera – wouldnt I get charged with assault or something similiar? just fired? serve and protect? really? how does this work? does a badge make you above the law? Is this guys last name Segal? just fired? really? – and he has his side of the story?

    • This man is a  trained police officer to defend himself, twice as heavy and he did not gave any warning , I don’t care if this lady stepped on his hurting toes.
      She did not represented any danger, if anything, she could be arrested with no problem since there were at least 3 more police officers,   this kind of abuse should not be tolerated in any way… what is next… shoot her.