JetBlue offers free flight out if your man loses election

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New York: Ever threaten to leave the United States if your candidate loses the November election? JetBlue Airways will help bitter partisans fulfill that promise — with free flights out for the losers.

The low-cost carrier announced its “Election Protection” gimmick Wednesday to coincide with the first presidential debate between incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

“We’ve all heard it said before: if my candidate does not win, I’m leaving the country,” senior vice president for marketing Marty St. George said in a statement.

“We decided to give people a chance to recover from the political noise and follow through on their claim to skip town if their candidate comes up short.”

Participants will need to go on the JetBlue website, choose their candidate, and sign in through Facebook to be eligible to win one of over 1,000 tickets that will be given away to those whose guy fails to win the White House.

JetBlue flies nonstop to 21 international destinations, including Aruba, Barbados, Jamaica and Costa Rica.

Should those who bolt feel a longing to return, don’t worry; the free flights are round-trip.

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3 Responses to " JetBlue offers free flight out if your man loses election "

  1. David J. Cyr says:

    But there’s a clever corporate catch:

    To win the free tickets to someplace else you have to vote on JetBlue’s site for one of the two corporate party candidates.

    Not going to do it.

    Protest votes are the only votes that are not wasted!

    David J. Cyr
    Delhi, NY

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