US condemns Bilour’s bounty on anti-Islam filmmaker


Washington: United States (US) State Department on Sunday condemned Pakistan Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour‘s announcement of $0.1 million bounty on a filmmaker who made anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims.

Earlier, the minister on Saturday said, ” We won’t tolerate such films”. He said that the issue could be resolved by killing of the filmmaker.

He announced that he would give 100,000 to the person who would murder the filmmaker of the blasphemous film.

According to State Department official, the statement was offensive and condemnable by all means.

The official further said that it was necessary that the responsible leaders should raise their voices against violence.

“We find Mr Bilour’s announcement is inflammatory and inappropriate. We note that the prime minister’s office has dissociated itself from his comments.”

Pakistan saw on Friday a wave of violent  protests in its major cities with protesters attacking banks, cinemas, filling station, public and private property. The  government  had announced a public holiday to mark ” Love Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Day”.