Love affair between Bilawal, Hina Rabbani Khar emerges


The story, lifted from a Bangladeshi news outlet, was removed after being proved wrong


  1. there is no proof ,so why is every body goign mad, she hasnt divorced her husband or married bilawal, so why all tht crap, shitty ppl

  2. agr bilawal bacha he tho wo mulk ko kesy smbaly ga, socho,jaha hmari soach khatm hoyi he uski shuro hoti he,ye dyko uski prwarish kaha howi he,bs ye kaho dil dewana he,,

  3. actually she was a porn star before she gets in politic. she had sex with so many ather people . EX Afghanistan’s president with imran khan and so many ather people . that’s why she be came a forigan minister .

  4. This must have been planted storey by ISI. Brig (R)  Riaz Chib of ISI, for sure, must be the author of this story as he is well know for creating such stories. 


  6. Let it go brother and let them to make enjoy. And also know that peoples party is a party of bold and brave people who donot care such things. Only MOLVI care such a things.   

  7. abay yaar zardari kutti ki aulad hai aur bilawal agay say kuttay ka bacha !!   peoples paarty walay bhi bohot barray kuttay kay na==bachay hain jo apnay baap kay sath mil kay iss mulk ka berragharq kar rhay hain .. q league walay lotay hain , aur mqm and anp bhi ,, n league ko seat chahye sirf !!!
    sab madarchod hain

  8. XYZ,
    What is wounder in it.  The whole  Bhutto family has similar story.
    Dont U know BB had ishq  with Toney Blair  leaving Zardari to see dreams
    Now he is worshiping her idols  all dekhawa  aur politics.  

  9. chloooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sb log kyun lar ry hain ……….. wo cleberties k elawa HUMANS BHI TO HAIN…….””””””””””’lol

  10. Maybe her husband’s dick is not firm anymore.  She wants a young hard dick.  If she comes to me, I will fuck her.  I will even forgive that she sounds like a goat.

  11. Story like same as Hindi TV serial………. very cheap
    and perverted  script……. but healthy
    food for ignorance citizen like sub-continents.  

  12. nothing will happen People will continue to give them vote;  it really doesnt matter fate of the Pakistan is really in bad hands we must act for change and stick together


  14. Well, there is no smoke without fire, right? So there must be something going on here.  Also, this story seems to be politically motivated to me coz no tabloid or news channel, even from Bangladesh, would have the guts to publish such a story without political backing.  So someone involved in the story is or will benefit from this ‘news’.

  15. Al Quran Surah Noor—-26. Vile women are for vile men, and vile
    men for vile women. Good women are for good men, and good men for good women;
    such are innocent of that which people say: For them is pardon and a bountiful

  16. A story without any credibility manufactured by a Bangladeshi tabloid and designed to smear. Why propagate this hoax which all serious media is ignoring? Says more about the immaturity and repressed sexuality of the male audience in Asia than the phtoshopped subjects.

  17. She has a grand plan guys and she is using Baccha’s bulla as a rope to the highest post. Hina has more time to paint her skin than serving the people, what do you expect from a lady who flants her assets to attract..? she cannot catch bigger fish than this bullesh Bilawal

  18. Hey Guys !, Don’t believe this story unless solid evidence is not provided. Looks to me a mere scandal in which the writer just want to gain fame, name and popularity.

  19. zardaarii ko pata chalay ga keh logoun ko jis doulat k liay rulaya woh us k kisi kaam na i.Sirf zilat milay gi zardari ko.logoun k buchay rulaey ab  khud bhi roey ga iska beeta bhi roey ga.

  20. awam ka boorahal kur k yeh log romance lagay howay hain . yahan a kur normal life gozaray to dal chawal ka pata lug ja a ga . pakistan jasay in ka crupted baap dada ki jageer hi.

    • hi everyone hina is still having a secret affair with ex pm shaukat aziz she wanted to marry him but he did not committ to it she also has a us white guy an old boyfriend which she studied with in usa

  21. pakistan going very bad phase …. i dont know this we r becoming a terrorist country and tops in porn searches ,, i dont know our people dont have a good hear ,, look at this affair …. 

    we have lot to work, we have to be good citiznes .. but our govt s only focussed on training terrorists and doing scandal… we the youths have to enter politics.. instead of fighting against country like india, which also has lot of bad politicians , we have to work on our own..

    lets study well , lets have good heart . lets use brain instead of muscle , let us dont fall into sex affairs . lets work for our nation .. almighty ll be with us… 

  22. A real Muslim does not involve in rumour mongering and abusive language, we dont know what the truth is, a real Muslim and momin puts purdah on peoples faults, I am ashamed of all those people who try to pretend to be better Muslims, yet use bad language against others.

    Who are you or me to decide if they are good or bad Muslims, Naozobillah we are not mini Gods, only Allah has a right to decide.

    This is the biggest problem with Muslims, they love to point fingers at everyone, but never at themselves.

    Dont judge anyone, lest ye be judged by your Lord.

    • True. A real muslim takes to violence immediately. If Allah were to decide who is a good muslim, then please explain all the sectarian killings and bombings. 

      • Reading sha_g comment and then your reply, I do not understand what is your point here and how is it related to what sha_g is saying.  Can you clarify please?  I think you are talking a different thing i.e. pointing out a weakness in today’s Muslim soceity.

        However you should also try to understand what sha_g is saying specially when he is not hurling stones towards anyone.

  23. I Think this news is a crap because Hinna Rabbani cant risk her life , as she knows what zardari is capable of , He can Kill Many Bhuttos,  he can get rid of Musharraf ,He can Play with Nawaz sharif like a baby with shield nipple in his mouth , keeping in mind , Hina Rabbani wont risk it …..But if Zardari has decided to play a term card , May be he is planning to kill Hina Rabbani after her marriage to his son then story has a point…because somebody neeed to die for obtaining sympathy of people but wont help them this time IA 🙂

  24. Before commenting on the sanctity of a woman, why don’t you people spend some time and think about you own selves? Aren’t you ashamed? Just by reading a stupid news article you think this is true?

    Personally i think making up your mind before any proof is the lowest one can stoop to.

    • Very True.  I feel ashamed after reading all these comments here as well as the news item itself.  I had generally found the readership of this site fairly decent.  But not this time around!

    •  main ap ko buhat chahta ta par ap ne mera dil tor deya i know ke ap ke or balwal ke bech kuch be nhe par i really wants  you???????????????????????????

  25. Guys this is just a scam post…nothing true…just gather your senses and read the article carefully. Just look at the other articles of this site they are all supposed to be scam and funny not real 🙂 it’s fun reading comments of everyone believing it’s true 😀

  26. The crappiest, bullshit story one could ever narrate.  If you guys have nothing  good to say about someone, you make these shallow stories about people.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Instead of being proud of this young lady who has shown such a great promise and intellect which we have not seen in any other provincial or central minister, you are fishing for a scandal in hr success.  I must say that you are a true Pakistani as no one else but a Pakistani can be so conceited and shallow minded.  Instead of protecting out women, you are dragging a lady in to this mud-slinging arena.  This shows signs of Sharif Brother mind-bend.

    Shame on you all and all people like you.


    • non sense whats your thinking?one way u say its hina’s other side u dont hink reputation of feroz whose wife is going to marry a young boy leaving her it not a question mark on feroz’s respect.If your mum leave your dad and marry a new and fresh boy will you term it as success of your mum by appreciating this act?or you will say it as disruption of your dad’s respect?decision is in your hand so tell all here or take your comments back.

  27. mother fucker democracy fans …. bastards who are on payroll of zardari will start barking this is conspiracy against democracy.
    Country is dying, no instituition working due to this mother fucker democracy lovers
    and pls note …. musharraf’s regime was not dictatorship …. even in that time bastard politicians sabotaged peaceful progress. Mother fucker musharraf only wanted to sit on seat and he never cared about what his illegitimate fathers were doing to country.

    • teri maaan nooo lan maran !!! pahn choooor. Musharraf te Zardari noo gaaal kadda ae !!! te Nawaz /Shebaaz tera pio haega ? Nawaz / Imran nooo lan maraaan, dono GAANDO politics wich jama ho gae ne.  PHODI DE

      • miyan manzoor sab, lagda ay tuhaddi tarbiat wich kafi kami reh gai ay, lagda ay tuhadey sare gallan nal e kam chalande ne. kash tusi ay socho k tussi musalman mulk de musalman shehri o, gallan de beghair v apna point of you keh sakde o, par ay tuhadda ziada kasoor nai, tuhadde parants da ziada kasoor ay. ik gal tu zaroor ghoor karna filhal meri nazar wich sirf ik hi banda ay jo mulk nu bacha sakda ay, o
        sirf IMRAN ay, ino ik moka de k vekho, ehi sadi akhri omeed ay……zara socheye
        changa.Rab rakha

  28. Early days, when Bhutto was alive the news appeared that Mustafah Khar & Shaerpao (elder) also wanted BB. Later Sherpao was murdered due to the same reason. Dont know the reality.

  29. Its really bad,, its not the case that she is elder than Bilawal, thing is that 1st shahbaz shareef did the same thing, she forced a married women to get divorce from his husband n married her, now Bilawal is doing same, He is ruining her married life which is really not a good act in Islam

  30. Bacha aunty ke bataon main aa gya hai… Must know the consequences…. If Hina is not sincere and loyal to feroz, how he will be loyal to bilawal,she is only loyal to money and status

  31. I think he is some 10 years younger than her , but then he has inherited Pakistan’s largest political party in her mother’s assets