Tom Cruise misses Suri as she lives with Katie Holmes

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Tom Cruise misses Suri as she lives with Katie HolmesNew York: Tom Cruise is missing her daughter Suri very much as he busy in filming ‘All You Need Is Kill’ in Europe while the child lives with her mother Katie Holmes in New York.

“Tom talks to Suri several times a day. He misses Suri very much. Tom and Suri are very, very close. He’s up on everything that’s going on in her life,” a source told PEOPLE magazine.

Recently, Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields revealed that the star was calling Suri twice a day as he wants to play a big part in her life.

He said: “Tom has been in England shooting a film. He calls Suri every day, sometimes twice a day. He loves Suri and is a constant presence in her life. As in the past, when he’s shooting in a foreign country, he has to rely on daily phone calls.”

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes parted their ways in June and as part of the divorce settlement, Suri was given to her mother.

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5 Responses to " Tom Cruise misses Suri as she lives with Katie Holmes "

  1. Sincerely Concerned says:

    Sorry, don’t trust the guy. Good actor; but 3 failed marriages tells me he has some serious flaws. Why else would he be expending all this energy to fake caring. Might I suggest we insert a switch (you know inconspicuously in the nape of his neck) under the pretense that it’s for the movie. Then turn him off between takes and tuck him in between the cameras. That way we won’t have anymore collateral damage. He and his attorney Bert Fields – not good????

  2. Tina Brown says:

    Why is Bert Fields keep convincing people through media “what a great father Tom is”?, NOT!!!
    We all know how easy it is for Tom to get his ass over to see Suri, but he decides not to show up in US while his crimes being exposed.  Who is he fooling?

  3. Scottish lass says:

    Tom is a good parent. He doesn’t take drugs, he’s pretty much teetotal, he works hard and was the top paid Hollywood actor last year, earning twice what Leonard di Caprio earned who was next closest. And when he’s not working, Tom does a lot to help other people in his off time and improve things around him supporting lots of social causes and activities. He was pictured recently going to see a Shakespeare play at The Globe Theatre in London, where some of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed hundreds of years ago in Elizabethan England. He really studies his craft as an actor. He has a busy hard working life and I’m sure he makes time for his little girl as much as possible and makes sure the time he has with her is quality time.

    • JC says:

      It’s amazing to me how the
      American public is still horrified at Cruise’s couch jumping but have turned a
      blind eye to his incessant profanity and promotion of sexual immorality for the
      past 30 years. His influence on children and teens has been abhorrent.  Also, his embrace of an occultic-based
      ‘faith’ that ‘promises’ not forgiveness, mercy, peace and eternal life as Jesus
      does, but millions of reincarnations, and “power’ over alien spirits?  It also provides no remedy for man’s sin
      nature which prevents him from approaching an awesome, righteous and holy God.
      (Romans 3:23)  Cruise confesses to a
      metal box with wires but the Bible says that the real ‘auditor’ is the Holy
      Spirit of God, who searches man’s heart, soul, mind and spirit. (Hebrews

      Good for Katie for having the
      guts to stand up to the evil David Miscaviage and the “Lyin-tology”
      machine but the influence of Cruise’s brainwashed family on Suri is still
      looming.  While those who trust Christ
      alone for their salvation (yes, John 3:16) look forward to an eternity without
      sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4) sadly, Cruise and all Scientologists face the
      same eternal doom as their false “messiah”, a disturbed science fiction
      writer who beat his wives, embraced occultism and declared himself the
      antichrist.  “What shall it profit a
      man if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?”  Mark 8:36

  4. Sincerely Concerned says:

    Too bad. So sad

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