Shahbaz Sharif says “…..” a Certified Liar


Lahore: After statement of Federal Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik about Punjab Government’s involvement in riots in the capital, Shahbaz Sharif terms without naming the minister on Twitter a “Certified Liar”.

Rehman Malik accused the provincial government that it had sent police men to participate in protest in Islamabad over blasphemous film.

In his tweet Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif

Experts predict that such more tweets and statements from both sides are likely to come in future fueling political war in the country.


  1. Earlier Shehbaz Sharif has
    announced the import of tax free cars for yellow cab scheme for the benefit of
    poor and unemployed people. Instead of bringing some new change in improving
    the conditions of poor, they start another failed scheme. Will the poor
    unemployed people be able to buy these cars to use them as cabs? These cars
    will be delivered to their party members as next election is in the offing.
    Since we in Pakistan are having lot of private taxi cars, we do not need any
    yellow cabs. We just need to improve commuter buses and wagons. It is better to
    import buses and wagons rather than taxi cars. If Mian Sahib is bent upon
    importing these cars, then he should show some national spirit and only import
    not more than 800 CC cars for this scheme, which should be strictly given only
    to the poor and unemployed. The poor response to this scheme opened the
    intensity of love for fake schemes by Khadm-e-Aala. Now the scholar ship scheme
    which is also a drama to gain the popularity. With the next elections looming
    on the horizon and the PML-N desperately seeking to garner support but
    people of Punjab can not be deceived this time.