Samsung new Galaxy S3 ad mocks Apple iPhone 5


Samsung new Galaxy S3 ad mocks Apple iPhone 5Seoul: Samsung new video commercial has made fun of iPhone 5 and the customers waiting in line talking about new features of the Apple’s new generation smartphone.

The Samsung ad mocks the new Lightning port and the lack of some features like NFC in iPhone 5.

It shows Apple fans terming small features of the phone as “mind-blowing”.

Of course, others in the ad show up with the Samsung Galaxy S III to show off the features. The Galaxy S III users show off NFC by using S-Beam to share a playlist, S III’s larger screen, 4G LTE, and the ability to watch videos.

The Samsung ad also suggest that iPhone is not a phone for the new generation.

“This is a marketing campaign. It’s not a legal campaign,” said Teri Daley, a Samsung representative. “As marketers we’re focused on educating consumers. We feel like they’ve somewhat been led down a blind path when truly that innovation has stopped a long time ago.”

Todd Pendleton, Samsung’s chief marketing officer, said the “It doesn’t take a genius” ad was not meant to insult iPhone owners.

“Apple users or fanboys, or whatever you call them, they’re not the target of this work at all,” he said. “If you look at the core essence of the work, it really is showing an innovation story. A more innovative product in this case is the GS III.”


  1. Smartphone game is no longer Apple’s. My SGS3 is amazing. Only thing I’d buy from Apple is the Ipad and macbooks. Those still rule. But as for phones, I think other companies have surpassed them.