Malik terms producers of anti-Islam film as terrorist


Islamabad: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik Monday condemned the ‘Innocence of Muslims’, a film insulting Prophet (PBUH) and termed the makers of the film as terrorist.  

Giving a press briefing after meeting prominent Muslim scholars in Islamabad, Malik said that the video-sharing website, YouTube, was blocked on the directives on Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf.

“Different links showing anti-Islam film were also blocked,” the interior minister added.

The minister said that the government would cancel visas of Goggle officials if they failed to abide the order to ban links of the film.

The minister further said that the government had written letters to Google, YouTube and Secretary General Interpol for taking action over the insulting film.


  1. malik darling i read elsewhere that it was YOU who wrote to Sec Gen of Interpol.I believe the correct procedure would have been to write to US where the Israeli film producer is based.I suppose it does not really matter as Interpol has shown you two fingers so many times, one more time would make no difference

  2. malik darling i read elsewhere that YOU had written a letter to the Sec Gen of Interpol, but the correct procedure would have to be to write to US/Israel government and the film producer who is Israeli and living in US.Historically speaking you have to bear in mind Interpol has shown you two fingers several times,but i suppose one more time will make no difference to you.