I would Love to Perform with Cat Stevens and Madonna: Rahim Khan

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Rahim Khan is a solo Peshawar based artist. He is famous for his song “Khudaya” which was included in serial “Daam’. He initiated his career at the age of six when he recited a Naat on PTV in 1992. His debut single ‘Lambay’ which he wrote and composed went straight to top the charts at Voice of America’s ‘Deewa Radio’ in 2007. He has been performing on K2 TV too. While talking to The News Tribe (TNT), he was like:

The News Tribe (TNT): How would you define yourself as an artist?

Rahim: I would define myself as a soul searcher who endeavors to discover himself through the melody he makes.

TNT: When you started music, what were the biggest obstacles in your way and how you managed them?

Rahim: I still have to go through a lot of pain to record a song and then more pain to make a video. Nothing is easy without a strong and positive family support you know.

TNT: What’s your inspiration?

Rahim: Artists from whom I have learned what singing music creation and songwriting is. They are Cat Stevens, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Madonna.

TNT: Share your experience of working with different musicians.

Rahim: I haven’t really worked with different musicians but yes, in the studio I experiment. Each soul has his own way his own taste and it’s tricky to get along at times but good fun.

TNT: Say a few lines on local music scene. What are some of the few things Pakistani music industry need to get rid off?

Rahim: Pakistani music scene is second to none in the world. Right now our boys are making music and videos as good or maybe more better than the videos we see on MTV and vh1 etc. The only thing we need to get rid off is politics and discrimination.

TNT: Tell something about your music training.

Rahim: Its cliché but I have been singing since God knows when. When I was six I had a music teacher Wilson sahib at school. My parents asked him to teach me the basics of classical music, so he used to come home in the evenings and teach me classical that went on for more than a year.

TNT: What is your biggest wish as an artist?

Rahim: My biggest wish is to see international artists. I want to see popular western artists collaborating with Pashto musicians and incorporating Pashto in their music. I want to see Pashto music at an international level.

TNT: What was the most memorable moment of your life?

Rahim: It was when Mehreen Jabbar (director of Ramchand Pakistani) mailed me in 2010 asking for my Pashto song Khudaaya. She wanted to incorporate that in her play ‘Daam’. I agreed and so my song was the first ever Pashto song to be used as the background score in a high budget Urdu play, that was memorable. Also, last year when I performed at Ayshah Alam Khan’s art school ‘The Knowledge Factory’ in Lahore. You can’t believe the response I got.

TNT: What languages can you sing in?

Rahim: I can sing in Pashto, English, Urdu, Persian and Dari.

TNT: Share a few lines on song ‘Mena’. What it is about?

Rahim:Mena’ is a regret song. The word ‘mena’ means love but the song is not a ballad. I wrote and composed it in 2007.

TNT: With whom do you wish to perform and why?

Rahim: Michael Jackson and John Lennon are dead.  I am left with Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) and Madonna now. I would love to perform with them.

TNT: Lastly what is your message?

Rahim: My message; stop hate immediately and spread love globally.

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