Bohra community targetted in Karachi twin blasts: Police


Karachi: Police authorities of Karachi Tuesday claimed that the twin blasts in Karachi, which killed seven people and injured 20 others, targetted Bohra community.

According to SSP Police Raja Umar Khattab, 6 to 8 kg of explosive devices were used in the blasts.

He further said that the blasts indicate that the peaceful Bohra community was the target of the miscreants.

“Sectarian groups might be involved in the blasts,” Khattab said.

Another police official, SSP Central Asim Qaimkhani also confirmed that the initial investigations indicate that the Bohra community was the target of the attack.

” The community has been chosen by miscreants as a soft target,” he said.

He further said that the first explosive device, planted in a motor bike, was of high intensity while the another explosive device, planted near a garbage area, was of low intensity.


  1. Khuda Guzarnaar na gharwala ne sabar aapjo and Guzarnaar ne Jannat nasib karjo..and Aa Dushmano ne Jahannam ni Aag ma silgavjo…

  2. India should take note of all this-opening its borders to Pakistan would allow pakistanis to export their terrorism into India on a scale they have not experienced before.The  wahabi influenced govt has not been able to protect its citizens internally,left right and centre the peaceful muslim minorities and hindus have  brutally been murdered and subjected to other atrocities too painful to describe-and all that you get from malik is he has formed a committee/team to investigate.Just recently the terrorists were inches away from snatching the nuclear arsenal from the air base,which could have been used to attack India.Who would you than blame?Whether it is zardari.gilani,malik,chaudry,they are not honourable people,they are the slaves of wahabi heretic abdulla who is responsible for the sectarian violence.