Altaf orders MQM workers to keep an eye on miscreant elements

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Karachi: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain Tuesday condemned the twin blasts in Karachi, which killed seven people and injured 22 others and directed MQM activists to keep an eye on miscreant elements within their areas.

In a statement issued from MQM headquarter 90, the party chief ordered the activists to setup a watch-keeping system and vigilance committees in their respective areas.

“Terror elements are trying to sabotage the peace in the city,” he said.

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1 Response to " Altaf orders MQM workers to keep an eye on miscreant elements "

  1. Abbas says:

    Altaf baby are you confirming that there is no law and order in pakistan ?If so what is your brother ,the spiritual son of bhutto  and your coalition partner zardari doing about it.altaf “chooha” it is time you came out from your hide out to lead your party to victory -MQM needs the PM in exile to lead them

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