Imran Khan addresses huge rally in Chitral


Islamabad: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Saturday staged a massive show in Chitral, a volatile northern part of the country stricken by sectarian violence.

Addressing the rally, PTI Chairman Imran khan said that he had come to Chitral after 11 years passing through the Lawari Tunnel. “Zardari and Nawaz Sharif would have died of heart attack if they had to travel through the tunnel,” he added.

 He said that people in Chitral often used Afghanistan rout to enter other parts of Pakistan.

Khan said that there was danger of an incident in the tunnel. He said that the people of Chitral wanted system of justice and  that wanted to see new Pakistan.

“In new Pakistan your money would be spent on you, your forests have been cut by timber mafia that could land you in trouble,” he added.

The PTI government would set power plants on every stream in Chitral to provide free of cost electricity to the people that would lead to development .

Chitral people would not have to travel to Peshawar to resolve their problems.  “Your decisions would not be taken by rulers in Peshawar, villagers themselve would spend the money and would take their own decisions”.

  The PTI would set educational institutions Likae Namal University Mianwali. “We will withdraw from the US war on terror, we are going to Waziristan and along with international journalists and human rights workers who would aware the world that innocense people are being killed in drone attacks “

Khan condemned anti-Islam film that mocks Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


  1. The scribe’s ignorance of Chitral is visible from the fact that he has used the term ‘volatile’ and ‘stricken by sectarian violence’. Chitral is the most peaceful place in the whole Pakistan.