Best 6 Android Apps to watch live TV


Smart phones have given the consumer today more power than ever before. Things that were once impossible are now common and given the way Android phones have captured the market, it will only be justified to say that we are the Android generation. Unveiling exceptional and extraordinary gadgets every day, Android strives to enrich user experience with an aim at giving them something they can talk about for months to come.


Some years back, if someone had said that they will watch TV on their cell phone, they would have been laughed at. Today, it is common and watching TV on your smart phone is not a pipe dream anymore. Thanks to the many advances of technology, TV viewership has entered a new phase.

Some debate that Android phones are far behind tablets when it comes to entertainment. It is believed that Android phones have still a long way to go because of their limited number ofapps. Since Android is working to improve all of its features, it is also rolling out amazing appsto allow real time streaming of live videos, movies and programs.

While you can always save on Dish Latino at the Latino satellite website, viewing TV on your phone has its own appeal. The following is endeavored at telling readers the six best apps they can use for watching TV live on their beloved Android gadgets.

1.     Justin TV Broadcaster

If you are looking for an amazing app to help you stream live channels, nothing even comes close to what Justin TV Broadcaster has to offer. The app establishes absolute ease of use and you can stream and watch live TV which makes it all the more interesting. The app has been designed so that it works best for 3G and Wi-Fi.

The app has a feature for sharing which allow users to easily share video content on Facebook or Twitter. Videos, even when they are streaming, can be shared in different media platforms. Another perk is the chat feature  in which you can talk to hundreds of other app users. Justin TV Broadcaster can be downloaded from the Google Play market for free.

2.     Live TV Flash Obselute

If you are seeking an app where you can watch and stream European channels, Live TVFlash Obselute is just what you have been looking for. Not only does this app allow you towatch European channels for free, it provides support for back applications as well as an integrated menu.

The app has a simple and effective interface. One can easily choose between the different channels that are available for streaming. The app is known to work perfectly with Wi-Fi and is available for download from the Google Play market.

3.     Sprint TV

If you are a sport fanatic or movie buff, Sprint TV will come to you as nothing but a pleasant surprise. Allowing you to watch more than fifteen sport and movie channels, with Sprint TV you will never have to miss the most in-demand movies or sport tournaments. This app is available for a premium pack and one can get added channels for a small monthly fee. The picture quality delivered by this app is clear and you get to view everything using full screen as well. This app can be downloaded for free.

4.     Mera TV Live

For viewing Indian channels in particular, Mera TV Live is a great option. Using this app, you can view up to 80 channels with the most amazing shows. The app works perfectly with Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The best part is one does not need to install Adobe Flash Player for streaming channels. This app is available at Google market for free.

5.     T-Mobile TV with HD

Want to see your desired programs on the go? T-mobile TV is just what you need. Available in different packs, what gives this app an edge over others is that it allows you towatch more channels than the rest. Here you will be able to find all of your favorite channels and one can get it for free from the Google Play store.

6.     Watch TV

This is an app that needs no introduction. Being the ultimate choice for many, it allows you to stream live channels on your Android device. More than 100 channels are supported but it does require an Adobe Flash Player. The app can be downloaded for free.

Bottom-line, with these Android apps, you can enjoy TV like never before. In case you are a Spanish enthusiast and love Spanish television, go for Dish Latino. This is because you can save on Dish Latino at the Latino satellite website . Enjoy live TV channels on your devices for free.

Donna is a technology blogger and recommends using Dish Latino. In addition to being an amazing solution for mobile TV viewing, you can also save on Dish Latino at the Latino Satellite website


  1. Well now that flash player has been removed from Android and existing applications on older versions wither we will have to rethink whether or not Android is the way of the future. Mine is brand new and had I known I could not view live TV on it I most likely would have taken a pass on it. My web experience is just incomplete without that part of a rich web application.

    I’ve read reports that a fix is in progress but we know these things are all unpredictable at best. If a reasonable fix is not forthcoming watch Android sales start to decline.

  2. I have not heard anything about these TV apps, so I
    definitely appreciate the read! I’m a huge TV buff, so I for one really enjoy
    the fact that I can watch live TV on the go. My personal favorite app in doing
    so is Dish Remote Access. One of my coworkers at Dish got me a Sling Adapter a
    couple months back, so since then I’ve been using the app on my business
    travels to watch all of my favorite, live or DVR’d, shows on my Android
    anywhere I go in the world. It’s amazing just how advanced technology is
    getting that I’m able to do so. 🙂

  3. I wonder why Remote Media Center Live TV is not considered. Watch (placeshift) any non-DRM channel you receive at home (be it cable, satellite or aerial) on your android if you have Windows 7 Media Center with a tuner, anywhere where you have internet access. (

  4.  Justin tv is no longer in development and hasn’t been updated in 2 years. No bugs or problems will ever be fixed for the many people that want to us it, it’s FAR from being the number 1….