Sam Bacile’s ‘Innocence of Muslims’: Altaf demands world leaders to ban anti-Islam movie

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London: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain Wednesday demanded UN chief Ban Ki-moon and United States (US) President Barack Obama to ban Sam Bacile’s ‘Innocence of Muslims’, a film insulting Prophet (PBUH).

In the telegrams sent to both world leaders, Altaf said that the film presented an unrealistic image of holy prophet (PBUH).

“The film is an attempt to provoke hostility between the different religions in the world,” he said adding that the film had caused mental distress to Muslims.

It is to be mentioned here that the film has aggravated violence in Middle East with armed men attacking US consulate in Libya and killing four US diplomatic officers including the US ambassador to Libya.

Processions were also carried out in Egypt, Tunisia and Gaza over the insulting film.

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2 Responses to " Sam Bacile’s ‘Innocence of Muslims’: Altaf demands world leaders to ban anti-Islam movie "

  1. Vik17_ag says:

    Could anyone explain what was the part of the movie which was insulting to the Prophet?

  2. Abbas says:

    altaf baby ,i thought telegrams were done with and replaced by modern technology like emails etc,but i may be wrong.Obama and moon would not know you from adam – they must be wondering altaf who?-unless of course you signed off as Pak PM in exile -a fugitive from Pakistan living in a uk hide out, the coward from Pakistan!

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