Karachi factory fire: Owner says ready to compensate victims

Karachi: The owner of the factory which caused death to 289 lives due to fire breakout, Shahid Bela, Wednesday said that he was innocent and ready to appear before any court.

Talking to media for the first time after the incident, Bela said that the labourers, who had died in the factory blaze, were working for more than 15 years with him and he was very aggrieved over their death.

He further said that he was ready to provide compensation to the victims.

It is to be mentioned here that factory owner Abdul Aziz, his son -in-laws Arshad Bella and Shahid were nominated in the case registered under the section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code Act.

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  1. May Allah grant you the mourners patience and strength to face what is now left of your lives.  May Allah lessen your burdens, broaden your hearts, shine hope into your lives and give you His blessings.  I remember you in my prayers.
    God Bless

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