Samsung shooting anti-Apple commercial ahead of iPhone 5 release

Los Angeles: It seems that the battle between two technology giants is continued as a recent report says that Samsung is shooting new anti-Apple commercial.

“Samsung appears to be shooting another one of its commercials where Apple users are waiting in line for a device and Samsung owners wander by, showing off a Samsung product to surprised customers in the queue,” the verge reports.

According to the verger, the photos of commercial shoot currently being set up in Los Angeles show that the Samsung has once again set up a fake Apple store, replete with iOS devices, Macs, and even faked information signage. There are also cardboard cut-outs of smiling, fake Apple Geniuses wearing the exact same type of green shirt as in previous Samsung commercials. There are also faked app icons floating in the window, which match up with earlier Samsung commercials.

Samsung’s latest anti-Apple commercial set picture: Photos Courtesy The Verge

The photos show, the mock-up device in the window is a pretty poor representation of an Apple device, with unrealistic details throughout. The mock store was very detailed, right on down to fake informational materials detailing the product specs on the iPad.

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  1. aadster said:

    you do wonder if part of the tactics used by apple and samsung is to covertly release overblown rumours about each others phones in advance of the official release to leave pundits disappointed (remember iphone 4s and 5 spec disappointments?) and following a competitor launch, get official subsidiaries to say their next phone will “blow the competition out the water” (as the foxxcon CEO tried to do with the iPhone 5).