Bad time: Pakistan’s auto sales down by 30% in Jul-Aug


Karachi: Pakistan’s automobile makers are facing tough time on dampen consumers demand as their sales of LCVs, Vans and Jeeps witnessed sharp decline of 30 percent in first two months of financial year 2012-13.

According to statistics made available to The News Tribe, the automotive manufacturers sales declined to reach 20,820 units compared with 29,680 units of last period. Their sales orders and productions were also curtailed on the lower demand of local market coupled with increasing competition on used reconditioned cars

 Auto sales during August stood at 10,385 units which is lowest after June 2011 reported 10,435 units, but  the monthly sales are down 14% as compared to last August while are stagnant compared to previous month.

Decline in sales was expected as mentioned in our report Dated September 06, 2012 due to completion of taxi scheme, termination of ‘Alto’ and ‘Coure’, early buying of dealers and individuals in June and large influx of cheap imported CBUs.

Amongst individual companies, Pak Suzuki sales during 2MFY13 declined by 37% to 11,617 units as against 18,301 units sold in the same period last year.

 Indus Motors sold 6,179 units in 2MFY13, down 30% from 8,829 units sold last period. ‘Corrola’ sales declined by 28% to 5,264 units after getting severe hit from imported used CBUs while termination of ‘Coure’ is also hurting sales.