Cardiovascular diseases account for 100,000 deaths in Pakistan: Experts


Karachi: A medical educational program focused on raising disease management awareness and to share the latest scientific advancements in the area of cardiovascular disease started here in Karachi.

Pfizer Pakistan supported series of events are going to be held across the country and are aimed towards healthcare professionals – both the specialists in the field of cardiology as well as leading general physicians.

Dyslipidemia is highly under represented disease, i.e. 20% according to the latest estimation, and CAD (coronary artery disease) is another highly prevalent factor which effect 27% of the males and around 30% of females.

Hypertension or high blood pressure affects one in three individuals over the age of 45 years in Pakistan. According to the speakers, overall 17.9% of adults in Pakistan suffer from high blood pressure, out of which 21.5% are from urban areas and 16.2% from rural areas.

Dr David Waters who led the proceedings at the Cardiovascular Expert Symposium spoke about the importance of managing cardiovascular risk factors which contributes significantly to the disease burden in Pakistan, “Cardiovascular diseases are a serious threat to Pakistan and a better management of CV risk factors can positively impact the mortality rate.

“Our aim here is to share latest techniques in cardiovascular disease management to build capacity of local experts”, said Dr David Waters.

The symposium talked about rising threat of cardiovascular diseases burden in Pakistan, cardiovascular risk continuum and approaches in the management of its risk factors including some local case studies.

Pakistan is the 11th biggest carrier of diabetes in the world.

“As an innovative pharmaceutical company, Pfizer has a responsibility to increase disease management awareness and build capacity by sharing international advances in the field of medicine with the local healthcare professionals, despite tough security issues, we have managed to make this foreign speaker Cardiovascular Expert Symposium a success,” said Syed Tilal Safdar, Senior Marketing Director for Pfizer Pakistan.

According to official news release “These events are part of the concerted efforts to raise noise level on cardiovascular diseases and to build capacity of leading physicians in this therapeutic area.” For this purpose, a renowned international speaker and an expert in the field of cardiology, Dr David Waters is invited from the US to conduct expert workshops in major cities of Pakistan.

Dr. David D. Waters receiving plaque from Syed Tilal Safdar, Senior Marketing Director, Pfizer Pakistan. M. Shahid Faroqui. © The News Tribe

Dr David is a former Chief of Cardiology, San Francisco General Hospital and now an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Medicine at University of California.