‘Ordeal of veteran journalist when his sons were beaten’


Islamabad: In Pakistan, the state which has been named as one the most dangerous country for the journalists, now the families of the journos are also being victimized of torture and threats.

According to the details available to The News Tribe, the three sons of the Karachi based veteran journalist were badly beaten by a group of armed men allegedly members of a political party in the troubled Lyari area few days ago.

“The attackers also made such arrangement after the incident that no victim could be able lodge any complaint in the police station or protest against the torture,” the family said.

Here is a reaction of few prominent journalists and other professionals over the incident that was kept in subdued in their own words.

Mazhar Abbas, senior journalist and anchor person

“Dear all, Veteran journalist Nadir Shah Adil shattered, could not go to any police station to lodge any complaint as his family could have faced dire consequences after he saw three of his Sons in pool of blood, badly beaten by a group of armed men in the troubled Lyari area, last week. The story was kept in low key but I could have seen the frustration on his face as he narrated the story, this afternoon.

All three sons received multiple injuries as the armed men stormed his house, dragged all three, one by one and took to their “safe house”. All three received stitches on head and near eyes.”

“At first i thought that the youngest one had died as i saw him in pool of blood,” Abbas quoted Adil as saying.

It all started when one of the members of the gang exchange hot words with Adil’s youngest son. The issue was resolved but around 9 p.m. some 16 to 20 armed men stormed in the house and beaten the three brothers one by one. Later, they took all the three to their hideout. “I was helpless when i saw them dragging my children, beating them, hitting them,” he said.

Later, when I reached the hideout after interference of some notables I saw all three in bad shape and none were able to speak. I wanted to go to the police but my eldest son advised me not to lodge any complaint as nothing would happen. He was right as there is no writ in Lyari. It is in the hands of gangs and PPP, administration, police, rangers can’t enter in the area.

Thanks God, my sons are safe but every day or second day, children of someone killed and there is no one to stop.

He may not have narrated the whole story but i could read his face as he was narrating the horrible story of torture of his son…. in front of him.”

Afia Salam, BoloBhi

“This is so horrifying. Thank God the boys have lived to tell the tale, a fortune not shared by many who fall into the hands of the lawless gangs running their ‘territories’ with impunity. As for the government…what government? We in Karachi at least see so little evidence of it.”

Imdad Soomro

Memeber Governing Body, Karachi Press Club

“I agree with Amir Latif, this is very sad incident and Sindh Government especially PPP is the responsible for the law and order situation and target killings in Karachi, PPP handed over the city to killers and target killers of MQM. ANP, PAC and other groups and these political actually terrosits groups are untouchable in the name of Reconcilaition……. there is only no reconcilation by the PPP to the peaceful citizens.”

Wasay Jalil, MQM

“To whom it may concern..Pls keep ur hatred with you n eat 2 extra Rotis’”

Haroon Siddiqi

“Wasay Jalil, It is really sad and unprofessional on your behalf, rather than condemning the killing/torture of the innocent citizens and accepting the right criticism, you some how ignored and made a joke out of it.

It shows that political leadership/student unions are no more capable to run this country. Not cornering MQM nor any other leading political parties in Karachi but all are responsible for the event starting from 90’s till date.”

Dr Anwar Iqbal

“MQM and its leaderships is completely well aware how to eat Rotis. And all Pakistanis are aware of their so called innocent behaviour. They claims to leaders of Karachi but Karachi is in blood. Who cares…?”

Haroon Siddiqui, Dunya TV

“It is sad, very sad, very very sad. I don’t have words to describe what I feel from inside for Nadir Shah Adil and also for the govt who have been neglecting Karachi since ever. Sir who to be blamed here, ANP? MQM? Or Balochis? Yeh sayasatdaan kis mu se rooz parliament aur apne voters ko face kerte hain? Allah inhain aqal day! Baigherat Hukmaran!”

Syed Kashif Nawaz

“Dear Mr. Haroon Siddiqui, Perhaps we have lost our wisdom to see the things in the real form. Perhaps we have lost our sanity to target the real culprit. I could not grasp your idea of targeting MQM, ANP, and Common Baloch people instead of the real culprit “The Fasad Committee” known as PAC.

Are you afraid of them or are you also a supporter of them?

Please, instead of replying me with hatred now, try to do something against Uzair Baloch, So-Called People’s Amn Committee (a sister concern of Pakistan People’s Party) founded by Zulfiqar Mirza Ex-Home Minister Sindh, & please don’t forget to bash Imran Khan, Nawaz Shareef, Jamat-e-Islami & all other so-called Pakistanis for supporting the same PAC goons just because they want PAC to crush MQM.”


  1. Dear friends,fellows, after going through the details of the gruesome and brutal  incident which my dear colleague Mazhar Abbas ane other friends have narrated ,I find it suitable to put some light on the situation in  LYARI.Actually Lyari is meant to be a graveyard.a DASHT-E-BAY NAWA… a soundless and dreaded semi urban desert of silenced people.Those people who are really the victims of their fate but unfortuantelyt hese people of lyari love their executionres who are today’s  gang war killers.My 3 sons were beaten nearly to death.I was fortunate to receive their bloodied faces and wounds on different parts of their bodies.But the real wound  which was inflicted on me was  a fatal spritual one. I never thought that such a mournful day would I be able to see.But  what gang war killers did to my family is a criminal activity . yes, what might be termed an inhuman mafia-like operation which was seen by the area people when these chilgren were being dragged to the torture cell in the dead of night  near Juna Baghdadi, LEA MARKET,what pinches me to the core of my heart & soul is the feeling that I was trapped between my own Brutus. Who allowed these gangsters to kill innocent youngmen,women,childrenetc? I remember 70s era  when we, including Noon.Meem .Danish.Prof. Saba Dashtiary , Maula bakhsh Gotai, the international footballer and a lot of other students  to launch a new idea of STREET SCHOOL in Lyari.That idea turned into a successful one. More than 28 sreet schools emegered from Gulli-Koochas of Lyari. This school was witnessed by Late Professor Karar Hussain .He wrote his remarks in the log book of the street school movement.Now,I am ashamed to see the breed of  gang war killers, and taking my life out daily  as a candle in the wind.
    Hawa kay dosh par rakahy hoay charagh hain hum
    Jo buj gaiy to hawa say shikayatain kaisy   

    Nadir Shah Adil