iPhone 5 price in US: Some reasoning for a higher cost


Palo Alto, California: Abuzz around Apple’s iPhone 5 is getting louder with every passing day. Particularly rumours and predictions about features of the iPhone’s next generation and price are the talk of the town.

There are so many calculations on pricing of iPhone 5, but most them are agreed on one point; it’s going to be an expensive phone than iPhone 4S.

These are some reasons to back this opinion:

iPhone 5 will likely to have iOS 6, the latest operating system from Apple with LTE 4G and this lethal combination makes probability higher for an increased price.

Apple iPhone 5 price might be affected the by the new iCloud. This feature can give a significant improvement on Apple iPhone 5, according to a forum.

“As we all know, the iCloud service allows us to make a wireless access and storage, so we can free our iPhone 5 storage and memory.”

The presence of A 5 processor will be another factor in increase of the price of upcoming iPhone, with its speed is expected to be around 1.2-1.5 GHz with 1GB RAM.

And another important price raiser could be its camera with a much better resolution. iPhone 4 S has camera of 5 MP while Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have 8MP camera with dual LED feature.

Considering these factors one could easily guess that iPhone 5 will cost more to smartphone lovers.


  1. stupidest thing i have ever read. every new iphone costs more at the time of release than the previous iphone at that same time, the costs reduce over time and apple’s profit margin means they don’t need to raise prices.

    •  that is absolutely not true. the iphone 3g through the iphone 4s all started out at 199, with the higher storage being 299  and 4s having 64gb, 399. Alot of the article wasn’t true, that is correct, but neither is what you said.

  2. horrible artible first off read over your article before you post, second the 4s has an 8 mp camera noi 5… u clearly have no insight on this at all