PTI vs PML-N social media war: Nawaz League hiring 25 youths to fight


Lahore: Facing many allegations of running social media campaigns on state resources, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has now decided for a all-round cyber war against Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf.

Earlier a The News Tribe report said ‘Punjab Government is paying all the expenses of PML-N’s social media existence, reveals a video shared by Dr. Awab Alvi, a leading figure of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf‘s social media team on Twitter.’

“PML-N has hired a professional team for handling its social media affairs,” video further informed.

In return PML-N social media team responded with a video alleging PTI being involved in unethical practices.

Mr. Nusrat Javed, an anchor person on Aaj Tv, also shared the same video on Bolta Pakistan official Facebook page. But Dr. Awab Alvi, PTI’s social media team member, regarded this video as bogus in his blog.

In the video, Imran Khan has been accused of using the donation money for running the PTI’s social media team.

But it seems that it was not the end but was the start of a long fight.

The cyber war between the two political parties would get further fuel by PML-N’s decision to hire skilled youths to run its social media campaigns.

“About 25 youths would be hired by district bodies of Nawaz League in Punjab province to fight against highly skilled and technically sound team of PTI,” sources said.


  1. nawaz shareef aur zardari jaisay log he agar is bar b choose kiye tu is mulk ka Allah he hafiz hy…plz thora sa demagh use kro vote poll krne say pehlay..


    •  dear adeel agar aap ko islami taareekh ka pata ho to acha hoga. sahaaba me se kai sahaba ne non muslims k sath shadi ki thi. aor islam me b permission ha k aap ihle kitab k sath shadi kar sakte ho. so aap ka ye objection mujhe kisi bache ki naadaani se zyada nahi lagta. agar mera yaqeen na ho kisi ihle ilm se pata karlo.

  3. How will PMLN compete with more than 1 million skilled supporters of PTI, who are always there to defend their leader and party. GEO PTI

  4. I am PMLn supporter and voter , I can do any thing for my Party , Paid WTH??? Such a stupid minded ppl can think abt it  ,PMLn is reality one who denies, is living in Fools’s paradise. Love PMLN , PMLN for Life , PMLN Zindabad

  5. u r favouring social media gutter awab alvi s mafia who cant even handle few supporters of #PMLN awab alvi is involved in spreading rumors against media and other political leaders through his ugly team 

  6. lol thick head nooras. A hair transplant will not increase your mental level. Go n ask ur gadha to declare his assets an make it public

  7.  The News tribe it seems that ur run by POTIans bcz only POTIANS hav such sick minded bachay…. kuch confirm kar k lagay lagaya karo……………………..

  8. Dear Writer, how would you feel if PMLN volunteers spread rumors about you, just like you’re spreading? We wouldn’t because we are not unethical and insane. Thank you!

    Team PMLN

  9. I am working as a blogger for PTI more then years and no money because i want to see IK has PM of Pakistan…. so get lost PML-N Noora

    • Do you use such language on your blog too? BTW NONE of PMLN Social Media volunteers get paid. No such Hiring! So you should probably chck facts before embarrassing yourself here.

  10. PMNL and PTI both of you will be responsible for helping elect PPP at the next general election. Then see the corruption flourish for another five years while you guys sit there with regrets.  

    • @Ambar… are scaring people by  Spreading message of Idiot Irfan Siddique (paid PMLN journalist). Don’t worry we will not give any chance to PPP as well. Cheerz

      • This is what PML-N is left with in Political programme. Verbal abuse and bribes to win the election by hiring youth to write praises of Nawaz Sharif. People are right when they say that getting hair transplant is good mental development. I hope PML-N comes up with even great Ideas about spending money and buying election.

  11. Come on I am 26 and an IT manager. I am not getting paid for anything but I am a volunteer for IK and this is based on faith and belief on Imran Khan the great. I am work atm and I will do whatever it takes to achieve PTI goals. I have been following IK and politics for 8 years on his politics and I know nobody can beat us on social media. 

    • Imran Khan ko sirf Nawaz Sharif he Kun nazar ata ha tanqeed k lye zardari or MQM kun Nahi?
      Kun k zardari ki aik saazish k tehat ye PMLN ko National Assembly sy nikal kr  Pakistan ko nuqsan pohchana chahty han.
      PTI Sporters Reply Zaror Karna.

      • baat kartay hou tum yaar…. Noora kooray kay saath mil kar tou zardari nay 3 saal punjab mai hakoomat kar kay is ka bera gharak kardia hai aur tum koora lovers PTI ko blame kar rahay ho.. jahalat ki hadd nahi!!

      • We have nothing to do with Zardari….. Its Nawaz Sharif who support Zardatri’s corruption and let him to destroy Pakistan.

        We PTI supporters believe that 65% of Population and resources province is important for Pakistan and it even important to choose a right leadership for Punjab …. if you want Pakistan to progress on Qauid-e-azam & Iqbal’s idealogy.

        My age is nearly 30 now and since I have opened my eyes, I have seen PML-N.  In all constituencies who ever MNA was in 1985 ….. he is still in the story or his brother…. son….

        I have not seen anybody becoming from lower class family or poorer background??? have you ever seen????

        Let think about International forum……. Would you like to see Nawaz or Imran on following speaches???

        1. United Nation
        2. World Economic Forum

        Pelase think carefully…. only for Pakistan….


      •  agar bhai mere blame game khelte rahoo ge to ap kabhi age nahi barh sakte ap ko kya pata politics main kon kis ka hai … mujhe politics ka koi knowledge nahi magar i have faith on imran khan..ziada se ziada kya ho gaa aa gaya too woh bhi looot lee ga but its just my assumtion magar nawazshreef ka to sab ko pata hai k woh khae ga hi khae gaa aur yeh jaan k bhi ap log agar us ko vote dain ge to ap jesa gadha admi koi nahi ho sakta 🙂 sorry agar bura laga.. aur jitni power 3 saal pehle nawaz shareef k pas thi woh chahta to woh is government ko hatam ker sakta tha magar us ko pata hai woh bhi corruption hi kare ga to 3 saal wait ker k q na ker li jaee…