Saudi Arabia to sight Eid moon 2012


Saudi Arabia’s Judicial Council has asked people to inform authorities concerned if they sight moon. The announcement came as the nation entered 29th Ramazan.

Muslims in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries would observe Eid ul Fitar on Satruday  if the moon is sighted today (Friday). In case, the crescent is not seen the Muslims would keep 30th fasting of the month and would observe the Islamic festival on Sunday.

Ruwate Hilal Committee in Pakistan would hold its meetings on Saturday for moon sighting.


  1. hello, worldwide there are principles related to sighting of the moon.  These differ from observations of sunrise and sunset which govern the times when we start and finish our fast and when we pray.  A sighting can take place at any time of the day not at a specific time anywhere in the hemisphere.  The rule following the teachings of the prophet SAW is that if news reaches a muslim during the month of ramadaan that the moon has been sighted in any country (sighting according to islamic rites is when the moon crescent is seen with the naked eye) then the correct process is to celebrate eid as the following day.  Visibility of the new moon in the UK and even in Saudi Arabia is near impossible.  It will usually be seen most clearly in South Africa followed by places in West Africa and East Africa and Australia if conditions are good and then by those in australia then we move accross upwards in the hemisphere toward saudi and europe where visibility is next to zero.

    So…..auzu biliahi mina shaytani rajeem, bismillahi rahmani raheem, i am able to confirm as an independent muslim from west africa living in europe that this afternoon, i got news of sighting of the new moon in johanessburg, cape town and australia.  As the news reached me this afternoon, i felt comfortable that Allah will accept my ibadat and yours and that it is safe and correct to celebrate eid tomorrow Sunday 19 August. some folk did pray today, that is not wrong, the moon sighting was from friday although the news reached most of us today saturday in the UK.

    I know that sometimes, these online forums can attract negativity, confused minds and sometimes, when anyone comments it can all become altogether very personal. Lets be lovers of each other, Islam is one.

    make sure you recite al qunut tonight if you can or if you have it, if you don’t then it is good to do so.


    It is recommended to make the standing supplication (Ar. du’a al-qunut) in the last rak’ah of witr after rising from ruku`, during the second half of Ramadan. This practice starts on the night of the sixteenth (i.e. the night before the sixteenth day) of Ramadan. If one forgets, it is recommended to prostrate out of forgetfulness.The qunoot is a main sunna (or “sunna mu’akkada”) in the fajr prayer and in the witr during the second half of Ramadan. [Mostafa Elqabanny]The specific du’a mentioned in the fiqh books (allahumma-hdina fi man hadayt wa ‘afina fi man ‘afayt etc.) is not required to fulfill the main sunna. One may confine oneself to any dhikr that comprises:(1) a supplication (du’a)(2) a praise of Allah ( thana ‘)(3) invocation of blessings (salat) and peace (salam) on the Prophet (nabi), his folk (aal) and companions (sahb).(al-Yaqut al-Nafis, p. 37)The formula: “allaahumma-ghfir lee yaa ghafoor allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina muhammad wa ‘alaa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim” meets the above requirements and is therefore sufficient.[1] (Fath al-’Allam, 2.251)Note that the Reliance does not fully specify requirement (3) above. I have reproduced the relevant section from the Reliance below and added comments to clarify the intent of the text.—————————————————–f8.53 (…) The words of this supplication are not set and (h: the main sunna of the qunut) may be accomplished by pronouncing any supplication (O: and praise) or Koranic verse containing a supplication, such as the last verses of al=Baqara (Koran 2:285-86), though the above words (h: meaning the famous du’a most often recited in qunut) are better. After this, one invokes blessings (h: and peace) on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) (h: and also on his folk and companions. Sending blessings and peace on the Prophet, his folk, and companions is also a main sunna whose nonperformance calls for the forgetfulness prostration).—————————————————–If one omits (whether forgetfully or otherwise) the qunoot in the fajr prayer or the witr prayer in the second half of Ramadan, it is sunna to repair the damage with the forgetfulness prostration. [Hamza Karamali]And Allah knows best.[1] The formula means: “O Allah, O Oft-Forgiving One, forgive me! O Allah, send blessings and peace on our Master Muhammad, his folk and his companions”Requirement (1) is fulfilled by “forgive me”,Requirement (2) is fulfilled by “O Oft-Forgiving One”,Requirement (3) is fulfilled by “O Allah, send blessings and peace on our Master Muhammad, his folk, and his companions”.

  2. The Jalal Abad (Afghanistan) is just 75 km away from Peshawar (Pakistan)
    while the Islamabad is 187 km and last Ramadhan the moon was sighted in Jalal Abad and People of PEW observed eid too and we in Islamabad did not.
    and please do not consider Saudia as a different country just because of imaginary walls Islam is ONE State

  3. For Muslims in the UK the new moon was born at 16:55 today. Since Sunset on the same day was at 20:32 today, it means that the new moon appeared before sunset tonight in the UK and people living in UK or western Europe can celebrate Eid tomorrow on SATURDAY. 

    For Saudi Arabia the situation is different. The new moon appeared at 18:55 today but there Sun went down at 18:49. Since the new moon appeared after sunset Saudi’s must do Eid on SUNDAY.

    For those dumbo’s living in Europe or America who think we should follow Saudi times…
    ***** Saudi is miles away and the moon and sun appear at different times *****

    You don’t follow your Salat times to Saudi based on the times of their sun, so why would you follow the moon times? duh!

  4. Its simple just look on any lunar calendar for your region. If the new moon rises before the sunsets on that day, then that is the end of Ramadan and Eid will be on the next day. You don’t need to look in the sky!

      • That’s complete rubbish, who says? You are just peddling a traditionalist backward belief. 
        The Quran itself states in the following verses that GOD has made the orbits of the moon, sun and earth precise and the moon is used as a timing device. 

        [Quran 2:189] They ask you about the phases of the moon! Say, “They provide a timing device for the people, and determine the time of Hajj.” It is not righteous to beat around the bush;* righteousness is attained by upholding the commandments and by being straightforward. You shall observe GOD, that you may succeed.[Quran 10:5] He is the One who rendered the sun radiant, and the moon a light, and He designed its phases that you may learn to count the years and to calculate. GOD did not create all this, except for a specific purpose. He explains the revelations for people who know.[Quran 21:33] And He is the One who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; each floating in its own orbit.

        It’s this kind of rubbish thinking that is causing so many problems with Muslims today. They cannot plan anything. If the Quran says that the moon is a timing device, then tell me how do you use this ‘timing device’ to calculate a plan for the future if you are only able to work out the new month at the time of the new moon’s visibility?

        Also ask yourself, when you pray 5 times a day do you look at the sun in the sky to work out what time it is – or do you use a timing calendar?

  5. Is it Eid on Sunday? Saudi Arabia confirmed it.. I think. Plus they’re praying taraweeh, which they wouldn’t if it was Eid. 
    I guess we’re fasting tomorrow.

    • It’s not that simple. Saudi Arabia is a different country and the moon appears at a different time in the day for them as compared to where you are. If the new moon appears before sunset today in your country then Eid is tomorrow (Saturday), otherwise its the day after (Sunday)

      • The Jalal Abad (Afghanistan) is just 75 km away from Peshawar (Pakistan)
        while the Islamabad is 187 km and last Ramadhan the moon was sighted in Jalal Abad and People of PEW observed eid too and we in Islamabad did not.
        and please do not consider Saudia as a different country just because of imaginary walls Islam is ONE State

        • Man, are you for real? You’re obviously not too bright or you haven’t come out much in the daylight to realise how the Earth, Sun and Moon rotate. First go learn some astronomy then you’ll understand the ridiculous of what you’re stating. 

          Bro, firstly am not talking about the geo-politics of Saudi Arabia! I’m explaining to you that the distance from Europe to Saudi Arabia  is great, and the position of the country or region of Saudi Arabia is at the centre of the planet. This means the solar days in Summer are shorter than those Europe. Also the moon light is seen at a different angle to someone in Saudi Arabia than to someone in England. This all means to you that its impossible to use their times in Saudi in comparison to yours wherever you are, if you’re not in Saudi Arabia!!!

          It doesn’t work like the way you are thinking with a simple mind of your personal experience. Also you need to understand that a new moon is impossible to detect when its first born. You need at least 22 hours to be able to see a glimpse of it when its at about 1% luminity.

          • Um you’re basically saying that the bro has a weak mind of limited knowledge and experience? That not very nice. Just saying.

          • I know but sometimes you just lose your patience and can’t take it any more. Very stupid arguments are being made to try and refute what I said. At least he can come out with something decent and stop playing on words if i said Saudi is a country I’m not trying to place visible wall’s on the not so visible Islamic world caliphate!

          • Just be nice. Even though he is not understanding what you are trying to explain be very carefull what you say:)

          • Bro, what do you mean ‘be careful what I say’ is this some kind of threat? Would you like to discuss this face to face?

  6. …………………………….is it eid tomorrow in saudi arabia?…………………………………………..

  7. PESHAWAR: The local Ulema Committee announced on Friday that the Shawwal moon has been sighted in the Mir Ali district of North Waziristan, Express News reported.

  8. Important Announcement about celebrating Eid Al Fitr 2012 / Aid El Fitr 2012
    We are pleased to announce that all countries around the world should celebrate Eid Al Fitr 2012 / Aid El Fitr 2012 [start Shawwal 2012] on Sunday, 19th August 2012. Ramadan fasting should be ended on Saturday, 18th August 2012 on the same day across the world.

    • If you go to umrah and haj in saudia Arabia. You must follow their dates! You can’t have it all your way by picking an choosing what and when you follow.

      • hajj still has no relevance in this situation that is a seperate duty of a muslim the particular duty of a muslim now is to follow the moon not look at the stamps on your passport this is simple why mix things up

          • My friends, AsSalam-o-Alaikum, Muslims should have one calendar, one eid, one state … ok. But would they have oness in every respect? This is not true and this is not the way to think of reality. Otherwise I should say, all muslims should have alike faces. But of course this is not true. In my opinion Eid is a relative matter which depends on moon sighting and even if Muslims have one big country extending two or three continents as they had 1000 years back. Even then there would be many Eids through out the country, many tribes, many languages, many dielects, diversity of wealth and health and … I mean diversity is in nature and is natural in many respect and our main cause is to accept this diverse nature and give honor to other’s values and show oness. I hope I contribute a little towards making you understand.

      • Do you do your salah (prayer) according to the Saudi timings, or according to the timings of the country you’re in? Salah times are judged according to the sun position during the day in YOUR country (not in Saudi’s), so why should the moon position be judged differently to that??

          • Hadis are just the narrations of other people who think they know what Prophet Mohammed said 300 years before they were born. I don’t think you’ll get your answer from them. 


    • Not necessarily in Saudi Arabia..anywhere can be sighted and followed accordingly..thats what we do in India..we are behind one day (in fasting) comparing to Saudi Arabia

  9. On Friday evening in Saudi the moonset time is 18:32 and the sunset time is 18:51. No doubt the Saudi authorities know this, so why go through this pointless exercise? I suspect that the decision has already been made that eid is on Sunday, so why not just announce this??