Geo staff beats man wishing to participate in Aamir Liaquat’s program


Karachi: An awkward situation occurred outside Geo Television as its staff beaten a person wishing to participate in Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s Ramadan program.

The untoward situation began when a big flow of people reached Geo Television to participate in “Pehchaaan Ramzan” show, a daily program by the network marking religious fervor usually grips the country during the holy month.

Ahmed, according to an eye-witness, wished to participate in the program, but manhandled as he protested over entrance of only ‘favorite’ person of the administration.

A large number of people, gathered there to participate, also protested on permitting people with ‘Chits’ or recommendations.

Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s program reportedly attracting TV audiences as a number of precious gifts including car, motorbikes and other items are given to the participants on answering simple question.