How to delete bulk emails from Apple’s iPad?


If you have hundreds of emails in Trash on your iPad, it’s a bit scary to delete them one by one. Instead deleting all of them in an instance would be relief for those who do not know the simple way doing it.

According to Telegraph by using this simple tip you can delete all of emails in one click:

  • Open your Mail, select your account then the Trash folder in the Accounts section.
  • Tap the Edit button at the top and press Delete All.
  • To save you the bother of doing it again go to Settings on the home screen, select Mail Contacts Calendars then your account and touch the Advanced button.
  • Under Deleted Messages select Remove and choose an appropriate timeframe for automatic deletion (i.e. One Day, One Week or One Month).


  1. That is how you delete mail from TRASH, not your Bulk Mail folder.  How the heck can you delete ALL from Bulk Mail??? There is an Edit button, of course, but no option to “Delete All!”