ANP’s Haji Adeel criticises Quaid-e-Azam, army, judiciary


Islamabad: Awami National Party (ANP) leader Haji Adeel on Wednesday criticized Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan Army and the judiciary during a ceremony held by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

He said criticized the founding father of Pakistan for his decision to topple Sahrad Government and said his it was Jinnah’s wrong decision.

The Senator also lashed out at the Judiciary and the country’s powerful army for what he said partnership between both the institutions and budget allocations for the military.

Haji Adeel said that 90 percent of civil budget was being kept for army pensions. The ANP lawmaker said judiciary was submissive whenever the army took control of the country and became active against democratically elected governments.

It is to mention here that Haji Adeel was speaking at a ceremony held in connection with civil military relations and exploited the occasion to criticize  the army but never mentioned the sacrifices rendered by the armed forces during war against militants and extremist who had almost crushed the Awami National Party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Senator also passed bigotry comments against Punjab when the KPK was hit by rare spells of loadhsedding. He blamed Punjab for the power outages  despite the fact that Punjab already has facing the power crisis and refrained from criticizing the federal government, perhaps, due to  ANP’s share in it.

Moreover, the old politician was also condemned by the people of KPK and Punjab when he declared Muhammad bin Qasim, the Muslim conqueror, a looter and Raja Dahir a hero in the past.


  1. Haji Adeel is an idiot. That’s why Bilours didn’t allow him in the previous years to come forward. Adeel is a defaulter of a Ghee Mill; 8 crores, I think from Nineties. He’s financially a corrupt person. Since Wali Khan died, the face of ANP has changed and now it’s a corrupt tola. I used to be the fan of Asfandayar Wali and his speeches when Begum Wali and Wali Khan were alive but the day Begum Wali was sidelined, that’s it. Asfandayar being corrupt. 

  2. I wonder if Jinnah was a Muslim ! He was Ismaili ! 

    I wonder is it Punjab producing electricity or KPK .
    I wonder Taliban are Anp’s production or Armies ! Army is getting paid for their job , They are not doing their job on the name of patriotism , stop their one month pay & I guarantee they will leave their jobs.  
    Pathan’s now should get rid of this satanic state for their better future ! they were used in the past in Russia’s war , in Kashmir etc ! in return they get nothing , they all did scarify lives in the name of Islam but the country is not giving them any thing instead they make jokes of them !  

  3. Anyway, its a public information that ANP like MQM always works for foreign parties, who are well know for promoting, secretarian, terrorism, anarchic and regional violence against People of Pakistan.

  4. he is done nothing wrong just only to criticize anyone with proper facts.So,what if he said that it  was Mr.Jinah Wrong decision to topple the Sarhad Government.Jinah Was human and human is the mixture of mistakes and He was not a Prophet which is innocent from wrong doings while Mr.Jinah was humble human ,might be the topple of Sarhad government was one his wrong decision.As nation ,it is our responsibility to give respect to Jinah and to also expose his many wrong decisions to common people.Mr.Adeel do nothing out conduct and moral but he just make reference of Jinah undue decision.Let us take hope for the improvement of society values.