Minorities’ plight: Pakistan’s Hindu community migrating to India


Jacobabad: Several families of Pakistan’s Hindu community on Wednesday decided to migrate to neighbouring country India, because of forced conversions, extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

Talking to media, President of Hindu Panchayat Babu Mahesh Lakhani said that several families of Hindu community have decided to migrate to India as they were facing threats due to religion.

“The Hindu community has been facing forced conversions, kidnapping for ransom,” Lakhani added.

The Lakhani further said that several other Hindu families were also thinking to migrate to India as they feel insecure in Pakistan.

The migrating families belong to Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan.


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  4. i m an indian muslim..but v r living here with full freedom and given equal rights. hindu-muslim conflicts are over in the last decade itself…india is not concerned about hindus or muslims..india is concernd only about developments and economy and we are one of the fastly developing nations after china..
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