Nazir Naji leaves Jang; joins Roznama Dunya

Islamabad: Urdu columnist Nazir Naji has joined Roznama Dunya as Group Editor.

Naji is a senior news columnist in Pakistan’s Urdu press, writing on the pages of the Daily Jang for 27 years.

He is also a former chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters.

The government of Pakistan honoured him with Hilal-i-Imtiaz for his services in journalism.

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  1. Syed A. Zafar | August 23, 2012 at 5:15 am | Reply

    Although Nazir Naji saheb is a well known person and I always enjoyed listening to him  because he made sense all the time. But when I knew that he is serving the right wing newspaper, my respect for him diminished. I believe, a person who talks sense can’t should not sing along with right or left wing corporate media. I wonder what took Mr. Naji wait 27 years to wake up. I was quite disappointed and mad with him. I tried to contact him through Jung to ask questions but he never replied to my mail. Eventually I had to believe that he is no different than those who write to write and talk to talk and they are not real. Now knowing, that he is out of right wing corporate jail, I am happy. However, I will humbly suggest Mr. Naji to do some thing concrete and different for Pakistan. Pakistan has been the victim of right and left wing extremism. It is time to raise the voice of real  people. There has been enough talking. “Sirf ro lainay say qaumon kay naheen buntay hain din, khoon fishaani bhee hai laazim ashk afshaani kay saath” (it takes sacrifices too) I do not mean blood shed by “khoonfishaany” as the right wing extremists do, I mean “ragon mein daurtay phirnay kay hum naheen quaail, jo aankh he say na tapka toe phir lahoo kyaa hai” The only way Pakistan can be saved is to include and educate the real masses and stay away from traditional corporate journalism. Talk to real people. Naji saheb congratulations and welcome aboard. Der aayad durust aayad (it is never too late). From Chicago with love and [email protected]        

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