Malik bars FIA from action as key character of Olympic VISA scandal emerges


Islamabad:Interior Minister Rehman Malik has directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) not to arrest Abid Chaudhry, an alleged main character in Olympic Visa scandal who emerged on Saturday (today) after being remained underground since the UK newspaper published a story regarding Visa and passport fraud in Pakistan and claimed the scam might help terrorists sneak into Britain during Olympic games  .

Abid Chaudhry appeared before media as he returned home after his brother Arif Chaudhry’s death. He said that his brother died of pain he suffered due to “false story”.

He said the reporter Muhammad Ali who claimed to have got passport was a fraud and he should be brought back Pakistan and action be taken against him.

Meanwhile, Rehman Malik asked FIA to not arrest or harass  Mr Chaudhry due to his brother’s death.      He said the FIA officials meet Abid Chaudhry and present a report to him in this regard.


  1. The UK’s High Commissioner in Pakistan has already told Pakistan in Public that we Pakistanis lead the global fraudsters when it comes to Passport related frauds.

    Being a dignified and educated Pakistani, this humiliates me and millions of my fellow countrymen.  I want either my government answer his accusation and give him a shut up call OR if his accusation is correct, punish the (Pakistani) culprits to such a level that no one ever thinks again of doing such things!

    I and many other overseas Pakistanis live and work in International environment where it is important that we command certain level of respect which can only be maintained if our fellow countrymen back home do not indulge in undesirable acts.

    • Well said nadeem. This is extremely humiliating and educated overseas pakistanis living abroad would especially feel the pain that have to come into contact with their professional counterparts and face the humiliation. The culprits must be taken to task. If a crime was committed, criminals need to be punished and made an example. I am afraid this politician Arif chaudhry character, if he goes into election again, we would vote him again and send him straight to the parliament rather than jail. Unfortunately this has been the current trend here.