London Olympics: Pak hockey team schedule

London Olympics: Schedule of Pakistan Hockey Team matches London: Pakistan’s hockey team is in London and is all set to make a start next week for the 2012 Olympics.

Below are the schedule of the team’s matches in the event and other relevant information that you might fancy knowing:

Schedule (Pakistan Hockey):

Pakistan vs Spain Monday (Jul 30, 2012) 1:45pm

Pakistan vs Argentina Wednesday (Aug 01, 2012) 7:00pm

Pakistan vs Great Britain Friday (Aug 03, 2012) 4:00pm

Pakistan vs South Africa Sunday (Aug 05, 2012) 10:45am

Pakistan vs Australia Tuesday (Aug 07, 2012) 8:30am

Key players:

Waseem Ahmad, Sohail Abbas

Pools (Men’s):

Pool A: Australia, Great Britain, Spain, Pakistan, Argentina, South Africa

Pool B: Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, New Zealand, India, Belgium


Jul 30 – Aug 11, 2012


Total Medals: 8 (Gold 3; Silver 3; Bronze: 3)

Current World Ranking:


Position in Last Olympics (2008):


Previous Olympics Victories:

1960 (Rome), 1968 (Mexico), 1984 (Los Angeles)

Pre-Olympics reparation venue:

Staffordshire (UK)


  1. what is timing in Pakistan for hockey event

  2. Rizwan_mughal7632

    Pakistan chances in London olympic victory how many.

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