Yemen: Senior air force commander survives roadside bomb


Sana’a: The Yemen defense ministry has said that a senior military official survived an assassination attempt on Sunday in the southern province of Hadramaut, media reports say.

According to reports, a roadside bomb went off as a convoy carrying Colonel Yahia al-Rusaishan, the commander of the air force in Hadramaut, passed through the port city of al-Mukalla, wounding him and three of his aides.

The Ministry of Defence described the attack in a text message as an “act of terror”.

It was the latest in a string of assassination attempts against security officials in southern Yemen. The terror network after losing the grounds, gained during the 14-month uprising against former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has vowed to carry out assignation attempts against the law enforcement agencies of the country.

Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Saleh’s successor, took office promising to reunify the military and to fight al Qaeda. In May, he launched a military offensive with U.S. backing that drove Islamist fighters out of a host of towns in the south.

Since Hadi came to power, Washington has increased “counter-terrorism” activity in Yemen, targeting al Qaeda figures in drone and missile strikes.