Egypt Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Egyptian Revolution



Today Egypt has marked 60 years since July revolution, an event of great importance in the history of Egypt that overturned the rule of autocracy to democracy.

The day of 23rd July, is commemorated in the Egypt as the anniversary of Egyptian Revolution of 1952 or as ‘July 23rd revolution’, which was led by a group of young junior army officers who named their effort themselves as ‘Free Officers Movement, which later became a revolution.

It was the free officer’s coup, formed by a charismatic young officer Gamal Abdel Nasser, which marked the successful revolution that initially aimed at the abdication of the throne of King Farouk I, however later it also targeted the constitutional monarchy of puppet government to establish a stable republic.

The blessed movement was initiated as a revolt against the corrupt and pro-British government in the aftermath of Egypt’s defeat in Arab-Israeli war of 1948. There were accounts that corrupt government officials did take bribes at the cost of the loss of 1948 war. Also there was complete vacuity prevailing in all the governmental institutions such as palace, police, judiciary etc.

The committee of free officers enlisted General Mohammed Naguib as their head to initiate the movement. The committee was mainly consisted of urban dwellers that were educated militants and belonged to lower middle class background.

Mass scale protest and agitation within the Egypt led to a series of revolt against the British rule, monarchs and elite Egyptians. Several British posts were attacked and occupied Suez Canal was taken back from British and French invasion.

Following all those events that took place from 1950-1952, including abdication of King’s throne, exclusion of Suez Canal and restoration of democracy, marked victory for the Egypt and Gamal Abdel Nasser was emerged as an Arab hero

Several other Arab countries inspired by the revolution and tried to mimic Nasser’s notions, went through the experience and got freedom. This include; Revolution of Iraq, 1958, Saudi Prince Talal’s protest against monarchy and Libyan Revolution, 1969, led by Gaddafi.