Pakistan’s 5 most popular social sites: Facebook tops the list

Karachi: Not a surprise for many that Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, tops in liking of Pakistanis as majority of them use it instead of other networking sites.

The second choice of the web users is Twitter as they like to spend most of the time tweeting happenings around.

A web survey by The News Tribe reveal that Facebook and Twitter are what Pakistanis crazy for! Other social networking sites including Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest have so far not gained momentum in the country which is considered as one of the fastest growing state when it comes to Internet use.

When The News Tribe asked its users the question “Which is your favourite social networking site? Following result came in:


Around 43 percent people say that their favourite site is Facebook apparently due its vast ground of apps and features.


About 35 percent of users say they prefer using Twitter as their favourite networking site.


Somewhat a newbie in social networking arena, Google+ has attracted around 8 percent of Pakistanis. Fairly gaining momentum, the site of searching giant Google seems to need more time to get attention of Pakistanis.


Quite popular in business and professional circles, LinkedIn manages to get attention of about 7 percent Pakistanis. Due its professional nature this is a good amount of people!


Launched in beginning of 2012, Pinterest still struggling to attract Pakistanis due to its no or minimum awareness in the Pakistan’s web users.

A total of 1096 voters told their choice about using social networking site in the survey.

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