Girls follow these 6 tips for Self grooming

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In this fast moving societywhere everything is going towards the perfection, everything is highly modernized whether they are materials or behavior. As nowadays people are judging you from your looks and your first good impression can help you out in many ways.

In order to walk step by step with the society, without forgetting our roots, we must have to take start from our physical appearance then gradually switch on to behavioral aspects which includes etiquette, body language and manners. These all aspects sum up in the phenomenon called SELF GROOMING. It is becoming the integral part of every girl’s personality as today around her the other girls are highly maintained.

Some tips for self grooming that could be helpful in feeling being a ‘girl’ are as following:

Beauty, Health and Hygiene: core pillars:
Beauty, health and hygiene are the core pillars of the self grooming. Especially for the girls it’s the most important thing to have a sound health and perfect hygiene.

Beauty from Inside is Matter Most:
Girls are often confused with the phenomenon of self grooming they only takes it to look better from outside but they lack the reality that you can never look good if your inside is not good for that girls must eat fruits, vegetables, drink milk and lot of water. Don’t run for artificial creams and cleanser try on something natural as ubtan or make homemade masks from fresh fruits or other natural things. For hair must apply natural oil twice a week that brings shine to your hair

Eating Style:
Then, trim your eating style, way of talking and body language is very important

Clothing Style:
After this now comes to physically advancement like you have to wear spick and span clothes of new designs as now new styles are on your finger tips or if you wear Abaya than wash it daily and can change scarfs. Don’t buy something just because it’s trendy. The cut, color or style might not suit you.

Fashion Accessories:
Add accessories with your new trendy dress like bangles or rings, which are in fashion but don’t put too much of it. Tie hair with top pony tail or make stylish bun.

Skin care and Makeup:

Last but not the least,Skin care is very essential only face is not included you must take good care of your hands and feet .Moisture them daily with a good one after that   Makeup! Don’t apply too much .just for going office or institution you can apply lip gloss of light shade as the summer is on its full bloom.

It should also be kept in mind that self grooming is not about expensive accessories, cosmetics or other stuff, it is actually the thing how you adapt yourself with the changing society. Therefore, being a girl, just polish up your health, hygiene and beauty with simple self grooming tips and shine out amongst all the others around you.

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    What on Earth was this person’s mother tongue?? Surely it was not English. This whole post is a joke. General self help ,no real advice or anything to help boost self esteem, just pap, or filler, strung together as if by a random phrase generator. Appalling!

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