Apple: from iPhone 1 to iPhone 5 – Evolution, Features and Future Review


One of my friends brought his iPhone 4S in school and showed it to me. What a piece it was!!! My friend was also a sort of proud to have the newest Apple’s product in his hand.

He was showing the smart phone features to me, then a classmate of us came into the classroom. The new comer was known for his philosophy. He came towards us, my friend showed him the phone with a feeling that our classmate will praise the phone but my friend’s shattered when the boy said,”Oh, yeah it is new iPhone, I have seen it. But what is the need of buying it. After some time Apple will be introducing its fifth generation smart phone.” The person was right. After a month or Two I hear that Apple will be bringing its iPhone 5.

People are guessing all-round the world are wondering, what Apple will be introducing now. The technology –related blogs are filled with rumors. Everybody is thinking what the features of updated version will be of iPhone. Well, this is a Question to be answered!!!

The level of people’s curiosity can be checked through this post on a BlogSpot. The blogger writes:

” When is that iPhone 5 is coming in the market I can’t wait to get it and to see how it looks”. This is the love of the Apple’s users that that they are standing in long lines, waiting outside Apple stores for their turn. In fact no company shares the same love as Apple. This is only the love of people that they still wants to buy Apple products, when there are products of Samsung and HTC are available at much lower cost and with better specifications.

Evolution of iPhone

Apple revealed its first smart phone in 2007 and gave it the name of iphone. This was the time when Apple decided to focus on consumer electronics. With the graphical user interface on a touch screen, the product made its sale to 500,000 in the first week.

iPhone 3G and iPhone 4

The updated version of iPhone, iPhone 3G was not so improved but its improved version iphone 3Gs was a better smart phone for its speed, camera pixels e.t.c. After the iPhone 3Gs released in 2010, Apple introduced its new smart phone named; iPhone 4 in February 2011. In this version, the camera pixels, cellular connectivity, LED screen features were added and made better.

iPhone 4S and Anticipated iPhone 5

The nest improvised Smart phone was introduced in the October of the same year. This time iPhone 4s was loaded with software like SIRI, improved camera pixels to 8MP, 1080 full HD movie e.t.c. Now, some sources had confirmed that the New iphone 5 will revealed to public in October 2012.

Competition from Samsung and HTC

This has initiated a new debate. Experts argue that will be the new  iPhone having the features similar to that of is Samsung’s and HTC’s smart phones. The would-be users of iphone 4s also have expectations to Apple that it will lower the price of new iphone but till now, its looks impossible. Apple has now become an icon of products which is convenient only to rich. But there are no less people who think that beside of high cost, iphone 5 will rule the world in 2013. According to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Markowitz, ‘The hardware augmentations and extended Apple services will help the next-generation. iPhone lead the smart phone market next year. The iPhone 5, which will debut this October, is believed to be the top dog in the 2013 smart phone arena”.

iPhone 5 Features

Apple has not announced any feature of the new expected iphone, but some specification which are expected by the analysts. According to them, the iPhone5 is a sim-less set with two to three internal antennae. It will have a sim slot to insert any country’s sim except USA. It is said that its screen will be slightly bigger ranging from 3.7 to 4 inches with curved glass display. Another, estimation is that it will be tear drop shaped, slimmer and lighter than earlier models with aluminum plate casing

 Some people also say that Apple will fit an A5 chip in iPhone5 with a clocking speed in range of 1.2 0r 1.5 GHz with 1 GB Ram. It is also guessed that it will be a fire proof phone but its unconfirmed yet.  An interesting feature is told that it will be charged without the use of cable or plugs by utilizing a dock.

A researcher estimates the specifications and says,”It will have rectangular button. It is estimated that it will have 8 MP or more than 8MP camera lenses. Its gaming capabilities are also being expected very high supported by multi-core A5 processor and imagination technologies. iPhone 5 will offer 4G and will be LTE network compatible. It will have more battery time than iPhone 4 which has 14 hours of talk time. It will be running on latest iOS 6, which comes with 200 new features including improves notification system, news stand, iMessage, the reminder app and iBooks. Another, feature is being guessed by experts that is I Cloud service in operating iTunes for wireless remote access of music from all computers and mobiles. It will also store photos, apps, calendars and documents without storing them onto the phone’s memory storage. And as a tradition of Apple, iPhone 5 will unveil some surprise feature.”

Future of Apple’s iPhone

As the tradition of Apple, specifications will be astonishing, but Apple should remember that now it donot have monopoly in smart phones industry. New competitors such as Samsung, HTC and the beaten Nokia are producing much better products than the Apple itself. Today, Steve Jobs is not there but people want same quality as it was there In Jobs’s times!!!


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  1. Btw– it’s called the iPhone. NOT I Phone.


  3. Thehollowgamer | July 17, 2012 at 4:10 am | Reply

    ios 6 not ios 5

  4. Delta-Tau278 | July 16, 2012 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    Where did you hear that the phone would be fireproof and have curved glass…?

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