Faha removes Aisam pictures from Facebook


London: Wife of Pakistan’s tennis ace Aisam-ul-Haq, Faha Makhdum Akmal on Sunday confirmed reports of difference with Aisam and said that the elders from both sides are trying to resolve the matter.

Faha said that the couple is serious about their divorce but the family elders wanted to bury the hatchet between them.

“I’m really upset. People are forcing me to speak more about my relationship with Aisam. I want to make it clear that I’m yet to sign the divorce papers, while Aisam has already signed them. Our families failed to reach a unanimous decision and hence we can’t stay together anymore until a miracle takes place, which is highly unlikely,” she posted on her Facebook page.

The wife of Tennis player said that the misunderstandings between them have reached at its peak and that’s why she has decided to breakup with Aisam.

“Aisam has a very busy life. He plays tennis for 38 weeks in a year. He never gave me enough time. He never treated me as a wife”, she said.

“I respect Ehtashaam Uncle, father of Aisam, but he is wrong over here. Aisam and I are not happy with each other and Aisam has signed divorce papers,” Faha added.

She further said “I’ve changed my display picture as well just because everybody compelled me to do so. I don’t want anything related to Aisam at the moment.”

Earlier the family members from both sides denied the reports of differences between the couple and said that media should avoid to report things before the truth revealed.


  1. i hope it will be gud 4 u every girl have to do this when her relashionship is not strong with her husband we appreciate your decision is right

  2. Faha’s latest massage in her own words:”I really request the Pakistan media to step in and take notice of the fact that my family has stopped me from consulting the British media. All I want from the Pakistan media is to approach Aisam’s cook, his neighbours and family friends. They will make it very clear to one and all.”

  3. Is this a legitimate new site?   If so your ‘journalism’ skills are an absolute disgrace.  THe supposed Facebook account is 100 % fake.  

  4. Also, if this was a true page of the real Faha, why are the only pictures on the page pictures that are totally available online? You, your editor and entire news publication should hang your heads in shame at the unbelievably lacking level of fact-checking, and truly awful levels of journalism.

    •  Faha’s father in law accepted that there is something going between his son and his daughter in law then why you people can’t accept this?
      Even Sources close to Faha and Aisam claimed that the information circulating in media are true.

  5. Your reporting is diabolical. You choose to report that this is genuinely true, whilst choosing to ignore the fact that dozens of people, including relatives and family friends of Faha, have been posting on the very same facebook page that the page is a fake. The account is fake, the person behind it is a fraud, and your reporting is an example of what is wrong with Pakistani media. Aim to be better, and report the truth. Not some pointless, false drivel that you heard on some website. Here’s a thought, just because it says “official” at the end of her name, doesn’t make it true.