Teacher forces young girl to take off her clothes in India


New Delhi: A high school teacher allegedly forced a 13-year-old girl in India to strip in the common room, in front of other teachers, after accusing her of stealing Rs 50 from a classmate on Wednesday. The money was not found.

According to reports, on Wednesday, a Class VIII girl of Giribala school complained to teacher Rupali Dey that a classmate had stolen a Rs 50 note she had kept in her bag. She suspected the girl sitting next to her. The teacher rummaged through the girl’s schoolbag in the classroom itself as other students watched. When she did not find anything, she accused the student of hiding the money on her person.

Rupali took her to the common room and ordered her to strip, say the teenager’s parents.

“I told the teacher repeatedly that I did not steal the money and pleaded with her not to blame me, but she did not listen. After taking me to the common room, Rupali ma’am asked me to undress. When I refused, she forcibly stripped me and started searching,” the girl told TOI at her home on Friday. Other teachers in the common room watched as Rupali took off the girl’s clothes. But the money was not found.

The teacher asked her to put on her dress and leave, without as much as an apology. The student was in tears by then and asked to be allowed to go home as she was not feeling well. The teacher let her leave.

The girl returned home and broke down before their parents. The news spread quickly and a huge crowd of parents gathered at the school gates on Thursday. Headmistress Anita Biswas paid no heed to their complaint, they said. “We also met the teacher, Rupali Dey, and wanted to know what had happened with my daughter, but she refused to talk to us. I requested to be allowed to speak with the headmistress or any other official of the school but nobody took the matter seriously,” said the girl’s father.

The parents turned up at the school again on Friday morning. This time, other guardians joined the protest but when they went to meet the headmistress, she allegedly “threw them out”, say the parents. They finally lodged a complaint at Gopalnagar police station.

No action had been taken against Rupali till late Friday night either by the police or the school authorities. Bongaon North MLA Biswajit Das promised to help the parents. “I have only now come to know about the incident. If the teacher is found guilty, strong action should be taken against her.”

The headmistress, however, refuted the allegation. “The girl was not stripped by the teacher. In fact, she tried to undress on her own to prove that she was innocent because her classmates continued to blame her for stealing money. Our school has a good reputation. Some people are trying to malign us,” she said.

“My daughter was stripped in front of several teachers. She is in deep trauma and can be scarred for life. She keeps crying that she cannot go to school any more or face her classmates. Who gave the teacher the right to strip my daughter, or any student for that matter? If she was suspected of wrongdoing, the authorities should have summoned us,” said the girl’s mother.

This is the second such incident in North 24-Parganas in a fortnight. On June 29, a teacher had stripped off the leggings of a schoolgirl in front of her classmates, including boys, because she was “improperly dressed”.



  2. Bunch of psychopaths ☹, what kind of school is Giribala anyways? Come on now, stripping a 13-year old girl in public is obviously not the way to educate people. It’s time for Anita Biswas and her staffs to make their ways to मानसिक चिकित्सालय 

  3. India never respect any kind of UN resolutions since day of first. If they fulfill any commitments
    first of all India resolve Kashmir issue. there founder leaders have commit to resolve Kashmir by will of Kashmiries peoples. but India killing Kashmiries and all minorities.

  4. It is extremely shameful for school authorities as well as school’s board authorities.
    I strongly recommend to terminate the responsible teacher and she should be
    disqualified at least for next five years to work as school teacher and she should
    be fined and she should apoligy through local press.

  5.  The solution is quite simple, a doctor or a nurse should conduct future searches on young people. Problem solved. All schools should have nurses on staff. I know this was in India where laws are different. Here the constitution protects all adults from illegal searches in the USA. The kids will see the nurse when reasonable suspicion is established. We must remember all “news” organizations are profit based. These types of “news” stories are big money for them. While pretending to care about social issues, its always about the bottom line first, or they will go broke. So for example let us say that the political ends that this “news” story is angling for comes to fruition and a law is passed preventing anyone from searching young people in India. The kids will feel it is open season to steal and hide the goods on their person and there is nothing any one can do about it. We as a culture must use our brains not our emotions to solves all issues. We must never forget. The Nazis came to power with fear and emotion, not brains, reason and rational thought. STOP EMOTIONAL KNEE JERK REACTIONS.

    • That is the most convoluted logic, rather lack thereof, I have ever heard. So if you try to punish the school and/or the teacher for extremely abusive actions, then you are the same as the Nazis? OK Fedprop1776, you better take a cass in Basic Logic, and you may want to take that class in that school in India.

    • The knee jerk reaction to this is that teacher was wrong and the young girl was violated. ‘If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to see it, did it still fall?’ It matters not whether the ‘news organization cares’ about social issues, this incident was brought to our attention, and that child should see us being supportive of her with our ‘knee-jerk’ reactions; it may help repair some of the emotional harm done to her. As for “The Nazis came to power with…”, it is up to us adults in the world to learn our lesson from that dark, dark chapter in history without some hush-hush coverup of individuals’ human rights being violated. Are you saying more stories of humans behaving honorably and life-supporting should be reported to balance out ‘news’ reporting? I’ll grant you that.

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  8. It seems unbelieveable. i think this school shouldbe closed down or all the teachers including headmistress tobe taken out because there is no control on anything. what kind of school it is? this is part of lack of education between the teachers. how they can teach? This shouldbe taken serious. oh my god.

  9. such shit teachers should be expelled from employment as well as pinnalised infact should be stripped as well so that others learn lesson and such incidents could be prevented to happen again

  10. If any thing happen in school campus teacher should report only to Headmistress he she no right to do such type did against humanity. Headmistress should inform ward father or mother guardian but now   some teacher is thinking they  god and goddess taking conduct in their hand this is not only new incident in past also so many deed but they need some horrible punishment those who are doing such type  of bad creativity

  11. Yes, the teacher shall be stripped in front of all the school people in the early morning assembly. This could be a right lesson. Later is her wish to continue in the school or not. By this punishment the insulted girl will have cofidence on justice.