Samsung Galaxy S3: Solutions for microphone malfunctions


London: I wrote few main problems of Samsung Galaxy S3 in my previous blog few days ago, which were based on users experience and frequent complaints on different forums.

The big issue has seemed to crop up amongst many device owners following launch— a microphone malfunction which causes users to be unable to hear the person on the other end of the line.

Anyhow, I have given a possible solution for the microphone problem the blog earlier that according to Fix Ya, updating the firmware or restoring the S3 to the default factory settings should be a solution to the microphone problem in Samsung Galaxy S3.

To make the readers easier here are the step by step solutions to fix the microphone malfunctions:

Restart the phone

1.            If the issue persists, connect to a Wi-Fi network to update the firmware

2.            Click “Settings”

3.            Click “About Device” and then enter “Software Update”

4.            If an update is available, tap “Update”

5.            If updating the firmware does not solve the issue, it’s time to restore to factory settings.

6.            Do the following:

7.            Back up your device’s data on your computer

8.            Click “Settings”

9.            Click “Back Up and Reset”

10.          Click “Factory Data Reset” and then “Reset Device”

11.          Click on “Erase Everything”.

Your phone will be wiped and the microphone malfunctions will stop.


  1. Clean the pin hole on bottom part of the phone with a needle don’t be afraid to do damage. It worked for me they can hear me lips and clear now.

  2. I had the mic fail in a brand new phone – reset didn’t work – I returned it.  It’s poorly designed and poorly built.  There’s also a lot of chatter online about the SIII having worse reception that all of it’s competitors.  iPhones are high quality and work every time – so I switched.

  3. Hi I had this problem and It was due to blockage in the microphone pinhole, this blocks very easily and if you use the recording app you will see large difference in voice amplitude pre and post cleaning

  4. Hi, even I have the microphone problem with my s3. I did all you suggested but nothing works. People on the other side keep complaining that they cannot hear me properly.

    • I have the same problem. I tried to clean the mic, put off the noise reduction. The people I call still don’t hear me well. What can I do?

  5. I have recently bought a S3, but it is giving me troubles as the caller on the other end complaints that they are not able to hear me well.  I have done a factory reset, that also not solved the problem.  Pls. let me know what can be done…

    • i also have this problem peple complaining they cannot here me very well eveidently you have to do a factory re-set but after your comment i have decided not to maybe teh siftware update has fixed the problem