Problems emerge in Samsung Galaxy S3


London:  No matter Samsung is a world’s biggest smartphone seller and received 9 million pre-orders worldwide since the release of Galaxy S3, problems have emerged in its highest selling brand.

According to some reports, the battery drain issue has only been reported on the international version of the Galaxy S3. The few lucky users who managed to get their hands on US version of Samsung Galaxy S3 have reported that the battery of their handset is working fine. Several android phones have also reported that there is a drain in the battery. The power consumption of the phone is 50-70 percent more than the actual use. A software update issued to fix the problem. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3’s U.S versions have reported this problem when connected to LTE.

The Wi-Fi connectivity in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is flawed as users have had a itch when they try to connect to internet in cafes and homes. The company is trying to fix the issue and will be releasing a software update for the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S3 users have posted in many forums that their handset sometimes gets stuck on a certain percentage of battery level while charging, resulting in an unusually longer charging time. The users say that the problem gets resolved instantly if the battery is once removed and then attached again. However, the solution is just temporary (sounds like a software bug) and the battery meter gets stuck again at some point.

The microphone which is the DNA of Galaxy S3 is it malfunctions. The people have complained that the volume levels are low on the receiving end and the call is not clear. It is pretty sarcastic and funny that a smartphone can’t make proper calls. Anyhow, according to Fix Ya, updating the firmware or restoring the S3 to the default factory settings should be a solution to the microphone problem in Samsung Galaxy S3.

Amazingly, Fun47, referencing the users, states that the phone is just too thin and danger further when the user is wearing tight jeans. However, we doubt such an issue will really manage to break the Galaxy S3. So it is probably not much to worry about.

The solution.

The big issue has seemed to crop up amongst many device owners following launch— a microphone malfunction which causes users to be unable to hear the person on the other end of the line.

Anyhow, I have given a possible solution for the microphone problem the blog earlier that according to Fix Ya, updating the firmware or restoring the S3 to the default factory settings should be a solution to the microphone problem in Samsung Galaxy S3.

To make the readers easier here are the step by step solutions to fix the microphone malfunctions:

Restart the phone

1.            If the issue persists, connect to a Wi-Fi network to update the firmware

2.            Click “Settings”

3.            Click “About Device” and then enter “Software Update”

4.            If an update is available, tap “Update”

5.            If updating the firmware does not solve the issue, it’s time to restore to factory settings.

6.            Do the following:

7.            Back up your device’s data on your computer

8.            Click “Settings”

9.            Click “Back Up and Reset”

10.          Click “Factory Data Reset” and then “Reset Device”

11.          Click on “Erase Everything”.

Your phone will be wiped and the microphone malfunctions will stop.


  1. What if my phone has completely turned off and won’t turn back on. It was having problems where it wouldn’t charge until I put the charger in a weird way. Now only recently, I tried plugging it into a car charger then it just completely turned off and won’t turn back on now. I’ve tried every other charger we have in our house. Someone please help me.

  2. Connection to 3g can’t compare to optimus s .No flash again from adobe. Stsrted with flash. No 4g in northern Ohio. Might be better off with lg optimus g. Sorry I bought samsung 3.

  3. It seems the people with the biggest issues are those who use their phones for such meaningless things as facebook and “voice-to-text”ing. I think it’s great to be able to do all this stuff and more from my phone, but how pathetic are you that these features make or break your life? Get off of facebook and talk in person! Or do you just have no real friends? Go meet someone already.

    “Wah, I can’t text without my thumbs”- really? I admit it has come in handy for me, especially with my work, but it’s not critical. It’s a freaking luxury. How spoiled are you that you actually complain when something so insignificant doesn’t meet your standards? Do something yourself for a change.

    Now, are you perfect? Is everyone happy with how you’ve turned out? I’m sure there is a plethora of others wishing they could send you back for a refund of the time they spent knowing you. Grow up. It’s so bad? Let’s see the phone you’ve produced.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t even mention the horrendous file transferring. I can’t use my phone as a storage device anymore. It fails most of the time I try to move files from my PC to my Android. The decision to move from UMS to MTP was incredibly stupid. Just let me use my phone.

    If I’d known it would be this much trouble, I never would’ve bought the S3. Wish I could get rid of it now

  5. My S3 crashes with every attempted system update. There is no LTE and it won’t work with normal 4G so I have a phone that won’t perform to its fullest potential. The text feature has atrocious auto-correct and grammar features, failing to find the correctly spelled words and failing to capitilize letters after periods etc. The S3 is proving to be a a “smart” phone that isn’t.

  6. I’ve tried all the above suggestions to fix the microphone issue, and nothing worked. Had the same problem with a Galaxy Nexus. Very disappointed in Samsung.

  7. Hi
    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 2 months ago (July 2012). Suddenly and mysteriously, my internal screen have a big line from top to bottom, like its scratched or broken. No physical damages at all as I am very careful. Mobile was not even be used when issue happened. I went to your service in Dubai (Deira) and the only thing your very expert staff told was that i have sit on it and thats why the issue. Not even a proper analyse, just client is fault and have to pay for it. I have found out that there are same issues worldwide and its manufacturer issues. Your support service is unbelievable expert, as they dont do anything, can’t accept the fact that perhaps client is right and need to check it over. They even cal to your technical phone service which, again, take decisions based on call instead of analysing the issue properly. Amazing.
    I am sure more clients are complaining about this issue and its not right when there is no misuse or damage Samsung service claims no responsability. I hope Samsung assume their responsability and fix this issue. I was a hugh fan of Samsung but now realize that probably i did the biggest mistake buying Samsung Galaxy S3 instead of iPhone, because units are in fault and client looses…

  8. hello i have samsang glaxy S  3 but that have a problem, when i call that droped the signals of network,and show the massage out off service aria

  9. السلام عليكم
    انا اعاني من مشكله من يوم ما اشتريت جهازي جالكسي اس 3. في الفايبر و الواتس اب
    ف الفايبر يجيني فجاة ان (تم ايقاف الفايبر)
    اما في الواتس اب احيانا لما ادخل الواتس اب يجيني الشاشه سوده ويقولي (تم ايقاف الواتس اب ) ويقفل الجهاز ويرجع يشتغل من جديد ابا حل لمشكلتي لو سمحتو ؟

  10. hey that wifi issue is just the same on my old galaxy y or even on my current xperia neo v,wifi connectivity on smartphones just doesnt seem to be half as good as on that of tablets,my asus transformer and ss galaxy tab get wifi no matter where it is it get full connection.But hell i dont like apple and i dont like how those ifan talk about other phone manufacturers,im gon buy a samsung galaxy s3

  11. just bought new galaxy 3 and it will not maintain 4g service. have talked with carrier and also samsung and have been made aware that it a software problem they are working on. i will return it. should a phone be released as 4g phone when it cannot maintain 4g service in4g service areas? i think not  also not good signal

  12. This phone is garbage. Bluetooth doesn’t work. Connected to Kies initially now PC can’t recognize it & can no longer connect.  Time to send this back & get something else.

  13. Anyone having a problem with phone shutting off and have trouble restarting??? Sometimes plugging into charger works and sometimes removing and re-installing battery.

  14. I loved my i9000 though the S3 has proved so far to be a real dog.  After 6 weeks the phone had to go back as I was having charging issues and was charged $150 as they said I had condensation – yeah right!  Now when I try to use the Auxillary to listen to books through the car stereo this is faulty too.  Quality control seems amiss on these and when you want it sorted they blame you…. Disappointed

  15. I’ve just sent my Samsung Galaxy S3 back. Poor signal or none. No WiFi connection. Phone not ringing. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. I’ve told T-Mobile I don’t want it back. feel free to contact me. Regards Paul

  16. There is NO real microphone problem ! No firmware update or factory reset needed, it’s just a wrong setting! Solution: Tap the Phone button then tap the menu button. Call settings will open, now tap additional settings, uncheck noise reduction, PROBLEM SOLVED!

  17. I bought a Galaxy S3 & its not working properly i can send sms to DUBAI but SMSES is not getting delivered in U.S i have contacted with Samsung customer center they have charge me 170/-Rs just format my device & return it back & told it will but its not working.

      • Yeah, because that’s never happened to any decent human, right? Only complete morons get shit on their shoes- is that what you’re implying? Some people live in areas that make it difficult to see -what- the hell is on the ground, like NYC. Furthermore, you’ve no idea what kind of ground it is. Could be tall grass, which isn’t unreasonable. Point is, quit trying to appear superior by making someone else seem foolish. Your “argument” is invalid. Should have chosen another route. It was a fair (although uncalled-for) simile for an article with such poor grammar.

  18. Frustrating!  phone line has static caller is heard to hear.  speaker option is too low also,  and I cannot get a signal to save my life.  I have to go outside  my house to obtain 3 bars of signal.  called store they advised its my alluminum siding blocking the signaland I can call Sprint and get a “booster” for my house to intensify the signal…What?  are you serious?  I need a BOOSTER?   Funny when I was with At&t I never had to go outside to make a call.  Email runs better then making a phone call.  This is going back.   Samsung should have had this S3 tested and fixed problems before selling millions of them.   S3 is a huge disappointment… all I want is a good signal… 

  19. You only get 14 days to figure out if you want it.  I am on my 13th day and ready to take it back.
    Poor wifi, poor voice command system..can’t understand anything I am saying, wake up command never works even if a simple word like “HEY”.
    Can’t get WIFI signal from Linksys wireless N router after walking more than 10 feet away from it.  Six feet if around a wall.
    Terrible.  Who pays these guys to release a phone without testing it?  
    I read that there are 10 million released.  If there are 10 million new S3 users experiencing what I am experiencing…watch Samsung stock tumble.

  20. Every new device/machine/software/system has some teething trouble upon release. To expect otherwise is unreasonable (nay, delusional).

    It is a pity when function or efficiency is compromised for the sake of form (j’accuse, Apple), or when new features try to push the envelope a little too far (I will never understand why batteries have to be so inadequate – I’d be happy to carry a few more grams of Li-ion if it means that I can get through a day without charging).

    It is more often the case that new firmware may have a few lingering bugs yet to iron out, or that minor manufacturing issues remain unidentified.

    If you don’t want to risk the bugs, wait a few weeks/months before buying the latest gear. It’s not rocket science. The first run of ANYTHING is GUARANTEED to have problems. Some problems don’t reveal themselves in limited test environments – it’s not a case of the manufacturer releasing an unfinished product, but of the wider public being a far more thorough proving ground for the latest toys.

    If you’re still having these problems a year down the line, then it would make sense to whine like a little baby about it. It’s easier to play the waiting game with software (games, applications) of course, as the developer only need release a patch. When it comes to hardware issues, that’s what warranties are for, no?

    As for complaints that some gimmicky voice-to-text feature doesn’t do what you expect… well, duh! This sort of feature is not new, but it’s years away from being infallible. Until artificial intelligence becomes a viable reality (and it has been said that our current approach is to artificial intelligence as climbing a tree is to reaching the moon), it’s safe to say that no voice interpretation is going to be infallible. I’d say I’m relatively intelligent, but you know, I still struggle to understand what some people are saying from time to time, particularly in noisy environments, through tiny microphones, or when they’ve got heavy accents. I don’t expect my phone to excel at something that even the human brain can struggle with on occasion.

    With that in mind however, I think it does a remarkably good job. Google voice search gets it right 80% of the time, and the Assistant app I’ve been playing with is able to hold inadvertently amusing conversations with Siri – I suspect that they understand each other better than they do most humans. I don’t have a use for voice-enabled features because I don’t see any real practical use – it’s quicker and easier to type something in Swype (I installed the official version immediately upon receipt of my new S3).

    For those who can actually spell and type legibly in their own language, Swype works a treat, though you do have to teach it few words at first (not just dirty ones, either). I can’t comment on predictive text as I’ve never had a use for that either (in fact, I’ve always hated it on every phone I’ve ever tried it on). There are other swipe-to-type applications out there too. You might be surprised just how much easier they are to use than the standard keyboard.

    Phones get hot. The faster and more powerful they get, the more heat they produce. The thinner and lighter they get, the harder it is for them to dissipate heat. Anything that uses the wireless features will generate even more heat. Converting chemical energy into electrical energy generates heat. Using that energy to drive a quad core CPU, a GPU, wireless communications, audio hardware, storage devices and controllers and so on, produces heat.

    Laptops and computers have fans and heat sinks to carry some of the heat away, yet using a laptop actually ON your lap? Bad idea unless you like strawberry-coloured thighs. With any electronic device, a balance has to be maintained between form, function, performance, and heat capacity. If the plastic isn’t melting and your ear isn’t blistered, get over it or get a BT headset (or get a phone that doesn’t run GTA III); if you’re peeling bits of cooling plastic off your skin, you should be getting the unit replaced already (duhhhh).

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an impressive bit of kit, at least until something faster and better comes along. Until then, one should expect something so new to take a little ‘bedding-in’. If you want the fastest, sexiest phone on the market before the pre-release rumours have even gone cold, you put up with it. If you want something that is reliable and proven, buy an old Sony Ericsson. If you want the fastest, sexiest phone on day of release, and you expect it to be as eprfectly reliable and bug-free as the phone you’ve been using (and updating) for the past two years… well, you’re a twit.

  21. you shouldn’t have to factory reset at every little problem…… I have done this 3 times !!  Maybe I have some settings wrong…… the mobile internet doesn’t seem to be connecting well at all….. anyone got any setting for me to try….. 🙂

  22. I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S3  a couple days ago.

    -The speakers are hard to hear when driving.

    – the phone is extremely hot to touch, especially by your
    face… no idea about the safetly regarding this but it

       concerns me.

    -The navigation feature will work to go get you some where
    but then malfunction and can’t find a simple address to get you home.

    -If you voice to text, the feature makes more mistakes than
    it’s worth!

    -if you use predictive typing it can’t predict most of what
    you are trying to write. My iPhone never did that!

    -the answering system if poor.. if you have 5 voice messages
    to hear, you have to listen through all of them to get to the one you want to
    get back to.

    -the WORST is it’d doing what I call “slice and dice” of the
    home page. It’s  taking “cuts” of
    sections of the start/home page (e mine had the weather) and then pastes it to
    another program you’ve opened, for example, your address book. So stupid to see
    the part of the temperature layered on top of one of your contacts phone
    number!! To be even funnier, it then spontaneously moves these ‘cuts” to
    different areas of the new open to the top of left or in the middle of
    the page.  It’s like a bad slide show! Even the phone sales people said they
    have seen this happen in their demo model so it’s not just mine that is

    I’m taking it back but will sadly lost the 25 bucks I spent
    on the screen saver and the 36 dollar activation fee.

    • You wont lose a thing… call your provider and tell them the situation and they will credit that to your bill. Trust me I have done this a few times and had no problems getting the credit.

  23. Is anyone able to copy/download images from the net using the s3, on many phones it’s a case of hold down on image and get options pop up, no suck luck with s3

  24. I have had known of those problems, thou the battery life is pretty pants.  I have a different problem and wondering if anyone else has this.  If you go into settings, then wallpapers, then live wallpapers, then home and screen lock and then photo wall and press settings do you gets words/letters there or not? My words are there for about 3 seconds and then go into blocks/squares? Samsung say its a “unique” problem and after arguing with T Mobile for 3 weeks they replaced it for a new one, only for the same problem to occur?!!?

    •  yes, i have the same problem in my phone and i just restored it to default settings and it was solved.hope it works for you

    • mine does the WORST thing which is what I call “slice and dice” of the
      home page. It’s  taking “cuts” of
      sections of the start/home page (e mine had the weather) and then pastes it to
      another program you’ve opened, for example, your address book. So stupid to see
      the part of the temperature layered on top of one of your contacts phone
      number!! To be even funnier, it then spontaneously moves these ‘cuts” to
      different areas of the new open to the top of left or in the middle of
      the page.  It’s like a bad slide show! Even the phone sales people said they
      have seen this happen in their demo model so it’s not just mine that is
      possessed! Is that what yours did?

      • This Samsung Galaxy S3 is some STRAIGHT CRAP… OMG where do I start? It freezes up ALL THE TIME, if the screens times out it never goes back to where you were. Its ALWAYS hot to the touch on the back at the lower bottom like if I put it to my face it feels like its burning. Facebook desktop freezes everytime, they have sent me a replacement and it is worse than the 1st one! These cell phone companies are putting these phones out way to fast trying to compete with each other and are putting out CRAP!

    • thats funny because the One X has more issues than any phone I can think of LOL I had 11 faulty units and just bought the S3 no issues

  25. my galaxy works fine, battery lasts 3x longer than previous iPhone4s, didn’t have got any issues. must agree with 

  26. I noticed that my galaxy s3 has the same reception problem which the iphone 4 had, my signal drops as soon as i hold it with my left hand and so that is probably why people cant hear me somtimes, they are stupid to put the antenna on the bottom left.

  27. The microphone problem is REAL and really annoying. Sometimes, resetting the phone and removing the battery works to fix the microphone temporarily. 

    What is the fucking point if I can’t make PHONE calls from my smart phone?!!! What is smart about it ‘^+%^

    BTW, I really like my S3 as a gadget. Wish the Samsung ppl started working from the crucial functions instead of  all the polish.

  28. Same here Microphone problem, echos both side of the line not good at all, tried to upgrade software, but tells me that battery to low, when in fact is 50% full and connected by USB to computer, will be selling it! had enough 🙁

  29. I am having issues with my S3. Once I answer a phone call, neither me nor the person on the other side cant hear eachother  for 4-5 seconds. This is extremely annoying as when you eventually hear eachother, the other person has said “hello” a few times..Restarting the phone doesnt help with this issue. I will now be doing a factory reset and see if that helps..

  30. I have the Microphone problem….. People cant hear what i say sometimes, its like a pillow is over the mic they say……..

    Try to update today, maybe its fixed, maybe not….. Tomorrow i know….

    Otherwise the S3 is magnificent….  Best phone ever !!

    • Quote:Originally Posted by Burner2004 Also try when answering calls to remember – keep your fingers away from the microphone.That’s all.If this helps you press the thanks button 🙂

      Yap, this is it. I bet all of us that have this issue are left-handed people. So the tendency is to put the small finger over the microphone .

      Solution: Either switch to the right ear or be aware of your left hand small finger

      • I have the S3 since 3 weeks now, speaker is a bit low, wish it could be a bit louder but its acceptable. 
        But I also have some problems with the microphone in a quiet place now problem bit if I’m in a busy place the other person will also hear some crackeling noises. Maybe a factory reset might reolve it but I also noticed that on the top left side the screen is loose from the phone, even my nail fits in the gap…… So need to take it back to the shop anyway.

  31. Oh, and like Apple has’t had to have “fixes” for their issues and the battery drain continues to be a problem? Shit happens!

    • Grow up! There are issues. I (had) a galaxy s3, what a HUGE pile of fail. I had 2, in 2 weeks. I’m now on an Apple i phone 4s… Which is brilliant, flawless- and, most importantly… It works.

      • “grow up” ha ha ha, he makes a accurate comment about the poor style of writing of this article… So you cover by showing you are an apple fan boy!

        Makes sense!

        • no he said he gave the S3 a try, twice and it failed, twice. So he switch to what has been the most reliable smart phone on the market since smart phones have been around. Don’t be arrogant kid.

          • Man reliability is the reason I switched from iPhones to samsung phones. Have had bad luck with iPhones (battery life, screen malfunction and random shut downs on full charge) you can mark it all up to bad parts. It happens with everything electronic. I have no complaints with Samsung, in my personal preference I like the apps better for what I use and there are more free apps (and the free ones are better than apple). After my third iPhone I switched to a cheaper Samsung cuz I wasn’t familiar with android. Had it for two years and upgraded to the s3. So far with an open mind and unbiased opinion, I prefer the s3. One big plus is that the software is Linux based, more reliable and safe than windows AND Mac. That’s One reason why I upgraded to the s3 from the wave I had.
            I think it all comes down to personal preference and experience. I have family who are hardcore apple addicts and some who are android addicts.