Top 10 Business Schools of Pakistan: What people recommend!


Karachi: Institute of Business Administration tops the list of best business school of Pakistan, says a survey of The News Tribe.

The survey was held among 18-24 years old post graduate youths and the sample was taken all over the country.

Contrary to Higher Education Council’s ranking which is already being criticized of its vague criteria of assessing universities, the survey by The News Tribe, the largest independent bilingual news website, sees the matter from peoples perspective.

The people see these business schools as top 10 in the country.

Institute of Business Administration (IBA)                                                   

About 33 % people say that IBA ranked first among business schools in Pakistan. The IBA was set up in 1955 in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is the first business school in South Asia set up on the U.S. MBA model.

It started as a business school within the University of Karachi. Its status was elevated to become an independent, degree-granting institution in Pakistan in 1994. In the same year IBA received a charter from the Sindh government. In 2011, the Institute of Business Administration joined a group of seven other top business schools in South Asia.

Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS):    

About 30 % people say that business school of LUMS ranked second in Pakistan. One of the largest universities in Pakistan, the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) is world class academic institution with a proud history of achievements and ambitious plans of future.

The idea of establishing the university took root in the mind of Syed Babar Ali, Pro Chancellor, with support of ten leading public and private sector Corporation of Pakistan, National Management Pakistan (NMP) the sponsoring body of the University, was incorporated on November 7, 1984.

In addition to this the government also granted authorization to set up other schools under the aegis of the “Lahore University of Management Sciences”. Since its inception in 1985, LUMS has strived to achieve the aim of imparting world class education while encouraging research and intellectual growth in the country. As a result, LUMS has played a key role in setting high standards of academics and producing professionals who can compete with counterparts from any university across the world.

Lahore School of Economics:

Around 9 % people say that Lahore School of Economics ranked third in Pakistan. It was established in 1993, and chartered by government of Punjab in 1997. It has two campuses; the main campus is situated in DHA phase VI and spread over 35 acres (140000 m2), and the city campus is situated in Gulberg near Central Liberty market.

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhuto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) and Iqra University:

As many as 7% people say that SZABIST and Iqra University both ranked fourth in Pakistan, but as to make listing proper, SZABIST has been ranked fourth and Iqra University on fifth position.

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) is a fully chartered institute established through a Legislative Act of the Sindh Assembly (Sindh Act No. XI of 1995) and is approved and recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, as a degree granting institution. SZABIST today is identified as a major university comprising of four campuses (including one foreign campus) three diploma centers, three intermediate colleges and one research center. Over 3000 degrees have been awarded by SZABIST to date.

Iqra University is a private higher education university in Pakistan. The main campus is situated in Karachi, Sindh with other campuses in Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta. It was established in 1998 by a businessman Hunaid H Lakhani, initially known as “Asian Management Institute”  was later named as Iqra University on the request of government of Sindh. Iqra University has maximum number of Ph.D teachers in Pakistan. All engineering programs have been offered after approval of Pakistan Engineering Council.

FAST Business School and Sukkur Institute of Business Administration:

About 4 % people say that FAST and Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur, ranked 6 simultaneously. But again to make a formal listing, FAST Business School has been given sixth and Sukkur IBA on seventh position.

The National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences has the honor of being the first multi-campus private sector university set up under the Federal Charter granted by Ordinance No.XXIII of 2000, dated July 01, 2000. These institutes, individually as well as collectively, have established leadership position due to the splendid vision of an enlightened management and tireless efforts of a highly qualified faculty. Over the years FAST has become the hallmark of excellence in academic arena, domestic market and international community.

Dream of “Sukkur IBA Center of Excellence” was converted into reality in 1994-95 by academically affiliating it with IBA Karachi and keeping in mind the factor that quality professionals cannot be visualized without strenuous studies, constant struggle, supported by high caliber teaching faculty and modern support services.

In the inception Sukkur IBA started working in a hired building facility provided by Public School Sukkur. Within 5 years Sukkur IBA shifted to its own beautiful building on November 7, 2000. One of the most beautiful buildings in Sindh, constructed with special red bricks, stands gracefully at airport road Sukkur. IBA’s academic block covers a spacious area of 21,000 sq feet, constructed at cost of Rs. 15.928 Millions. Sukkur IBA spans over a vast area of 18 acres. Having its own facilities of Auditorium, Girls Hostel, Boys Hostels, Faculty Hostel, Car Parking, Power Generators, Cafeteria, Director’s Residence and Mosque all surrounded by lush green lawns and fruit trees where students spend their time for different recreational activities.

Karachi University Business School (KUBS):

As many as three percent people in survey say that KU Business School ranked 8th in Pakistan. The history of the University of Karachi (KU) dates back to October 1950 when the university was established under the Karachi University Act passed in the Pakistani parliament.

The Karachi University Business School (KUBS) was established in the year 1999-2000 because Institute of Business Administration (IBA a constituent of University of Karachi) was declared autonomous degree awarding institution.

KUBS within short period of eight years has become well established institution with good reputation and high image in the business world. MBA (Banking and Finance) two years professional program is also run jointly with Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP). The admissions of which are announced separately.

Institute of Business Management (IoBM):

About 2 % people say that the Institute of Business Management ranked 9th in Pakistan. The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) is a university and business school based in Karachi. It is composed of four colleges, the College of Business Management (CBM), the College of Economics and Social Development (CESD), the College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) and the College of Engineering Sciences (CES).

National collage for Business Administration and Economics Lahore:

Over 1 % people say that National collage for Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E) Lahore ranked 10th in Pakistan. Back in 1994 NCBA&E was founded as a private institute. Practicing excellence in teaching, learning and a close partnership with industry, its commitment and hard work earned a well reputed place in the aspects of management studies. In 1997 Computer science was introduced as a practicing discipline and in 2002 finally the college got the charter from the Government of the Punjab. This was in recognition of the never ending excellence and dedication for improvement by the college administration.


  1. I was about to get admission in IQRA for MBA. But I did little research and found out the real ranking which is industry standard and purely based on QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.
    If someone is getting admission in MBA, please don’t follow HEC ranking it’s totally absurd. Correct ranking for business studies is,
    1. LUMS
    2. KSBL
    3. IBA
    4. LSE
    5. IoBM

  2. Iqra university is best. Cbm is worst, their only purpose is to gather money, money and money, it is for monetary purpose + their results are not good, never join Cbm they will spoil your future.

  3. The truth is that not IBA, LUMS, LSE or another institution is providing frist-class, quality education to the new generation but only UMT, Lahore is devotedly doing this work. Open your eyes and visit UMT, you’ll feel the difference.

  4. Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) would be new name
    for many of us, but it is doing a really great job, in fact it is a
    notch above LUMS or any other business school in Pakistan so far. just
    see the faculty they have, really beyond comparing!!
    This ranking is gonna change!!! 🙂

  5. please update the research of business institutions. if this is the people’s opinion, i seriously doubt it and doubt your research.

  6. Give some reviews about LSE. My plan is to do MBA in Marketing from LSE. Is LSE a good choice? Because LUMS in too much expensive and I can’t go to IBA because I live in Lahore and it’s too far. So how is to go for LSE?

  7. i am sorry that this surveyor couldnt get admission into LUMS and resorted to IBA. seriously speaking there is so much difference between LUMS and IBA that I didnt even applied for IBA undergraduation.Please NOTICE the MISTAKE in the survey:when 30% are saying that LUMS is ranked second then the remaing 70% must be saying that LUMS is first OR third and fourth and so on. now if you ask any person who has even little idea about the universities in Pakistan i think no sane person would rank it three and onwards. so almost all of the 70% people in favou of LUMS as the FIRST on the list.

  8. Respected Mr.Tahir Saeed,   I would surely have seconded you if you would have written,  ” CBM is one of the best business SCHOOLS of Pakistan after LUMS & IBA”  But I completely rejected your post / comment after observing that you have written school instead of schools and not used the capital “P” for Pakistan.

  9. AoA, here i m in tension!    please tell me about the numl university islamabad, that is better fo MBA? please tell me abput it as soon as possible………….umair

  10. LUMS & IBA are the only two universities in Pakistan worth getting an MBA from, period!
    The rest are all 2nd tier universities – no comparison to LUMS or IBA. All those who get rejected from these two end up in B-grade institutes like SZABIST(the name itself is a joke – shaheed zulfiqar bhutto lol), CBM, LSE, Iqra etc. I don’t mean to offend anybody here, but this is the truth. I’m not saying that they’re really bad but, putting them even close to LUMS or IBA would be a joke.

  11. I totally agree with Tahir saeed CBM ranked third after LUMS & IBA. This survey should include the professionals of all business school in order to find number of placement after completing undergrade or graduation.


  12. @ Aslammengal, It is because the pupil like you represent it. I hope you will eventually learn to control your temptation, and won’t ever use unacceptable language at any public discussion forums.

  13. Hahhaahaa so nice to see how so many people complain about not being number1. LUMS in particular. Trained to scream and cry for mommy and daddy even when they are mistakenly ranked no 1.

  14. Haha I don’t understand why IBA featured this joke of a survey on their website maybe to make themselves feel better! LUMS is way better than IBA and that’s a fact! People who say that IBA is better want to live in utopia or couldn’t get into LUMS maybe. You cannot compare the facilities, the faculty, the level of research and opportunities that being a LUMS graduate can offer to that of IBA. 
    I’d say LUMS is no. 1 
    Comments on other unis on this list..IU is also a big joke provided to us by the HEC rankings and if I’d wanted to study in a house I wouldn’t have gone to SZABIST even then. IoBM (and CBM for the dumb ones who don’t know the difference) has a better reputation in Karachi than IQRA or SZABIST combined, ask anyone in high school or those aiming for a business uni education and they’ll tell you that. Ask business professionals if you want.
    So, I’d say top 5 business schools in Pakistan are as follows;
    1) LUMS
    2) IBA
    3) LSE
    4) IoBM

  15. Crap Survey Guys !!! CBM 9th , LUMS second ??? Szabist 4th ???? You need to this survey b/w those who atleast know about these institutes !!

  16. I Being an IBA Graduate myself do not believe in this survey. They have not put up a strong base of ranking the Business Schools.  18-24 aged youngsters don’t have that much knowledge of the actual corporate value of a particular business school graduate. I still believe LUMS is a far better business school than IBA and for that matter way way ahead from any business school in Pakistan. And I am damn amazed at finding FAST Business School at no 6, Karachi University Business School on 8th and IoBM on 9th. IoBM should be among top 5 and FAST & KU Business Schools should not be among the top 10. Where has NUST Business School (NBS) and the Some other Business Schools from Islamabad gone? Especially NBS as i found it out to be a far better Business School than the schools mentioned  above. This is a damn joke of a survey. 

  17. Awesome joke survey , thanks for bringing a good laugh 😀 what happened to Nust Business School , just wondering :p

  18. its rather Sukkur Institute of Business Administration  – Sukkur I B A just like i establish
    Pakistan Institute of Business Administration  Pakistan -IBA  just like Peshawer Institute of Business Administration … just adding institute of business administration doesn’t make an
    institute affiliated with IBA … pls understand 🙁

  19. Dear Fellows ! give me a break .. IBA Sukkur is not at al affiliated to IBA … i have seen pathetic MBAs from IBA sukkur claiming to be top notch students from that institute who need
    coaching classes …. PAF KIET n hamdard graduates r much better than IBA Sukkur … give me a break …

  20. IBA or LUMS are top tier. I remember there was time in IBA when emphasis was on Quality of products (students) and not on the quantity like now. Dont know how long IBA will keep its legacy forward. and Lums i believe is totally Mummy Daddy 🙂

  21. “The survey was held among 18-24 years old post graduate youths”

    Well there you have it. 18-21 year olds are post graduates? Very few people graduate at the age of 22, most even higher.
    Factoring in a 2 year MBA programme, this means that statistically speaking the survey consisted of very very  few people who actually had an MBA Degree.

    What a joke.

    • it’s not about taking degree from No 1 institute it’s all about your knowledge and practical implementation u get during ur studies

  22. IQRA university???????????????/ LMAO….LOo0o0o0oL….. IQRA university above FAST?????…l0o0o0o0o0l…. This is toooo funny!

  23. IBA Sukker!!!!!!!!!! seriously???????????   the institute that lost its affiliation with IBA Khi, that IBA sukker??????????? 

    • Just because i ”lost” its affiliation to IBA Karachi does not mean it was going backwards. You probably don’t have any idea about how education institutes progress.

    • IBA sukkur is now having its own name…!! IBA sukkur decided to be apart from IBA khi coz IBA Suk wants to grow by own or i must say without anyone’s affiliation…!! IBA Sukkur gonna be the best Institute in coming years..Just wait and watch 😀

  24. Its really very amazing to rank CBM on NO: 9, i think CBM is one of the best business school of pakistan after LUMS & IBA

    Tahir Saeed

  25. LUMS, LSE, IBA, Szabist are best business schools in pakistan but if we can review about FAST iz prior in IT and others are not much good. NCBA don’t have very impressive and quality education. UCP and UMT also big name in Business school

  26. SZABIST is one of the best no doubt against IBA and LUMS in Pakistan
    But its funny how IQRA pops up in the ranking list of Best Schools?! lolls..
    i havent met one IQRA person sitting on top positions in the corporate world..
    Ive met Ibians, Lumsians and Szabistians.. but Irqa?!  must be a joke really..

    NewsTribe when and where was this survey held anyway?

    • Most of the graduates from Iqra University are from middle class. Corporate world normally favours its own elite class graduate isn’t?

    • Hahaha…Szabistians are in top positions ‘eh?
      My friend who scored a DDU in her A levels got into SZABIST. It was the only university in Karachi that accepted her because she couldn’t meet the minimum req. for IBA ( 2 B’s 1 C) LUMS (2 B’s 1 C) IoBM (2 C’s)
      But yeah good news for her according to you she can get a top position in the corporate world. Stop joking, Sir.
      A senior of mine is a proud Szabistian at DDE and another senior at BDD.
      At least raise your minimum req. before aiming to fly amongst the top universities!

  27. why dont  you make a survey according to salaries of MBA… which business school has highest salary package for MBA graduates.


  28. why dont  you make a server according to salaries of MBA… which business school has highest salary package for MBA graduates.

    • Recently I had an opportunity to assess IBA and LUMS. To match with LUMS, IBA will have to get rid of most of its faculty having experience of more than five years. IBA has a lot of vested interest groups.


        Proliferation of American Model of MBA through elite
        business schools, like LUMS and IBA Karachi, had  no doubt contributed
        overwhelmingly to the blind imitation of the Western MBA model in the country. But did they
        ever contextualize it to local state. Reports and studies shows elite business
        schools have gave impetus to the polarization between wealth creation and
        economic development. (see;  Cornuel
        (2005) and Mazza et al (2005) for details). [so please don’t ever compare on the basis of salary packages earned or number of top position occupied by Alumni in corporations or firms, and western media recognition etc)

        In short, we really need knowledge not media hype. We need to catch-up business
        and economic issue through local translation of the western package. Indeed, we
        need to have our own shelf to pick up from. [IESE, SDA-Bocconi, Uppsala, and CBS MBA programs are good examples] [even whole Europe has  almost get rid of American Model of MBA through Bologna process and then Bologna accord of EU]

        Bravo to Sukkur IBA, who has taken bold steps not only to eradicate the
        polarization between wealth and economic development, by addressing local needs
        at grass root level,  but also to come up with variant in and local translation of Western model of business
        schools. Agri-business could be taken as a typical example.  

        • All of you are fighting for the institutions and have not decided yet which is the best business school of Pakistan.

          A person who studied on gunny bags lied on the ground, hs changed the status of Pakistan to a Nuclear Power.

          I understand that all the educational insitutions of my country are best. I love them all.

          People make the institutions not the institutions make a person. No one is full of knowledge.

          I love Pakistan…….