Islamabad school to hold debate on “Gay and Lesbian Rights”


Islamabad: An elite children’s school in the federal capital will hold a debate on “Gay and Lesbian Rights” on July 16, 2012 in its main branch here in Islamabad.

According to reports, the school is arranging this debate under its programme ‘Munich Debates’. A local English daily said it is believed that the schools chain is owned by a lady who is a senior office bearer of a rapidly emerging party in the country.


  1. “Waza Mein Tum Ho Nisara, Tau Tamaddun Mein Hanood, 
    Yeh Musalman Hain! Jinhain Dekh Ke Sharmaen Yahood?”- Allama Iqbal (ra).
    This quote suits perfectly for this nonsensical debate topic. For God’s sake, atleast keep your values in mind!

  2. what about the munich debate taking place on 16th of july 2012 in islamabad organized by city school (owned by one of the prominent leader of PTI. i used to be a supporter of IK but if IK is unable to convince one its own party leader to cancel a debate on the rights of homosexuality then i would say IK is the worst leader in history of PAK because others are plundering financial resources of our country while PTI leadership is trying to corrupt moral and ethical values of pakistani nation. can anybody come with any reasonable justification to this debate that is taking place ya pohir sirf MQM ki trha sahi ya ghulut sirf IK ZIBDABAD IK ZANDABAD hi jawab miley ga. REMEMBER Anybody cannot get away so easily after conducting such a degenerating and objectionable debate in our society

  3. Yes there should be freedom to all the people living in Pakistan…. This is Democracy…… We all should support Gays and Lesbians….. 

  4. wese bhi hmari bakwas media ke tou adat hai achi parties or school ka nam barbad krne ki , believe me  BSS is the best platform for ur child’s future

  5. For all the guys nd girls who r passing hatred comments , this is a fake news nd btw in MUN’s students never debate on their personal idea  , they debate on their country’s prospective ( countries assigned by host team ) so plz verify kye bina shru mat ho jaya kro ,  agr aisa koi topic hota bhi tou students apne country k prospective se debate krte apni rai ka izhar nahi krte

  6. What is the source of this News? What are the names of organizers? What would be the names of speakers? Who would attend it? We (parents and other concerned entities) have to verify the authenticity of it.

  7. [email protected]

    children studying in these cheap schools must be sick minded

  8. Thats y,we have such a great leader, We all are Zardari,
    Zardari is real face of Pakistani, JAISAY LOG WAISAY HUKMARAN..

  9. Lo g ab Islam k naam p bnaye ge mulk me unislamic aur haram kaamo p debate rakh di ha..waqayi isi ki qasar reh gyi the
    shame shame shame