Hairless Maanvi: Virat ready to go bald in ‘Ek Hazaron Main Meri Behna Hai’

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Mumbai: A long debate has been started on social networking site, Twitter, after Star Plus actress Maanvi (Niaa Sharma goes bald in the drama serial ‘Ek Hazaron Main Meri Behna Hai,’ while Kushal aka Virat of Star Plus’ is all set go bald on the show.

Virat will take this step to support his love Maanvi who is suffering from Cancer and during the chemo therapy, she loses her hair. Virat, who is in love with Maanvi, will be hurt to see her feeling embarrassed about her bald appearance.

That’s why he will then decide to sacrifice his own hair to support her.

We have often seen that actors go an extra mile to make their characters look real on their film and television shows. Be it Aamir Khan, Shabana Azmi, Antara Malion the big screen or Karan V Grover on the small screen.

All these actors have sacrificed their beautiful hair to play their role to the tee. Kushal Tandonaka Virat is the latest one to join the bandwagon.

The fans of Maanvi and Virat were astonished and  appreciated the step on Twitter.

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20 Responses to " Hairless Maanvi: Virat ready to go bald in ‘Ek Hazaron Main Meri Behna Hai’ "

  1. Saami Nutz says:

    take care maanvi

  2. barbie says:

    i love this darama

  3. rasha says:

    bad but u r very good girl i love manvi

  4. Zakiap-babar says:

    jahile virat us kah chakkar main appnay bhio bal kat dalay

  5. BItches! says:

    WTF! yall so stupid man its just a show! its soo fucking old now about fucking manvi getting cancer damn i hope she dies already they need some new topics and yall STFU! already soo fucking annoying!!! DAMNN!

    • hahha says:


  6. Prishabathia says:

    its sad that manvi’s bold 

  7. Aqsa_bhutto98 says:

    hawww :’( 

  8. khushi says:

    ppl how pathetic and vain ur views are some of u need to take a humble pill. I think the show is doing a great job and hats off to the actors for taking on the challenge. Ppl cancer is no joke and losing loved ones while u stand helpless I wish it on no one

  9. manvi you are always looking so beautifull and your acting is v good

  10. Bellajasmin says:

    oooffffff manvi kitni buri lg ri ha

  11. Nehakast1998 says:

    u are the sweetest hairless girl in the world………………          u r looking aosome without hair……………..

  12. kushi says:

    nooo manvi is bald
    i dnt want virat to be bald

  13. Justbusyg says:

    looks good

  14. Justbusyg says:

    the new gopi is pagal

  15. Justbusyg says:

    manvi takli

  16. a12joe says:

    its not tht she really cut her hair its just a bandanna but still manvi i miss ur long hair :(

  17. Spiderman says:

    Why!wwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!now she’s bold she looks like a alien

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