The battle between Geo News and Dunya TV

The scandals of mediagate and anchorgate have heated up a lot of debate on the ethical responsibilities and professionalism of media and its influential workers across the industry but the two television channels were singled out eventually for creating chaos in making public opinion against the judiciary.

Geo News and Dunya TV both got the opportunity to throw mud at each other after journalists and anchors of TV media outlets were observed criticizing the role of media outlets supporting the agenda of of Malik Riaz Hussain, the real estate magnet.

Though the battle was not new between the two TV channels but it reached at the height after the issue of Arsalangate, which was highlighted by media persons of both sides including Shaheen Sehbai, Najeem Sethi, Kamran Khan, Mubashir Luqman and Mehar Bukhari.

However the battle was old as more than three years old when the Dunya TV launched its transmission and hired leading journalists, newscasters and anchorperson of the Geo News for their current affairs programs.




Dunya TV                                                                                                 

Asma Chaudhry

One of the leading correspondents and producers of Geo TV who did reporting in parliament on Geo News joined Dunya TV and become anchor of its current affairs program “In Session”. She is now associated with Dawn News.





Absar Alam

He was bureau chief of Geo News and leading political correspondent. He received handsome offer from Dunya TV and move to new channel as Director News though he later joined Aaj TV.

Veena Malik

She is being called as Queen of controversies nowadays but she was the hostess of a political satire show “Hum Sub Umeed Sei Hain”. Later she joined Dunya TV and become hostess of the program “Miss Dunya”.

Javed Iqbal

One of the most familiar and favorite face of the Geo News has joined Dunya TV as newscaster. He rejoined Geo News but quit it again to be anchorperson of Dunya TV show “News Watch”.

Aniq Naji

Aniq Naji is quite unfamiliar but he always works on serious issues of the society and politics. He has hosted morning show on Geo and played a leading role in the investigative documentary program “Bandd File”.

He also left Geo to join Dunya TV upon which he has been presenting an investigative documentary program “Talaash”.

Dr Younas Butt

The famous comic writer, screenwriter and humorist, Dr Muhammad Younas Butt, had been producing at all time favorite show “Hum Sub Umeed Sei Hain” from Geo News. He has introduced a new style of political satire in his show and explored many new actors for different roles.

But he joined Dunya and now producing a show “Butt Tameezian”.

Besides there are many names who had been associated with Geo News for quite long period later moved to Dunya TV in pursuance of better opportunity. Among them there were newscasters, reporters, Non-linear editors, producers and technical staff.

Though there were many people who joined Dunya TV from different outlets but the impact on Geo News was seen significant after its leading team members quit it to join Dunya TV and then tussle has been continued since now.

Geo News

Geo News as pioneer among private TV channels has always a good team of reporters, anchors, newscasters but it was not only seen cautious with Dunya but took revenge from it as well.

Though it picked out a couple of journalists from Dunya TV but they were the most influential people having good viewership and programs’ rating on their previous channel.

Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooq

Najam Sethi, a heavyweight journalist, had been gaining popularity as an analyst on Dunya TV in this program ““Najam Sethi Show”. The rating and popularity of the program was quite improving and it became one of the leading current affairs programs of Dunay TV in which he with his fellow anchor Muneeb Farooq not only presented ‘logical’ analysis of national and international political issues but also broke stories of the upcoming events.

The pair of two anchors was hired by Geo News obviously on handsome package but more importantly from Dunya TV, its rival media outlets.

Their program was rebranded as Aaps Ki Baat and its format was slightly changed from their previous show.

Aftab Iqbal

Aftab Iqbal, who was considered as one of the famous anchors in the media industry, earlier hosted a favorite comical talk show “Hasbe Hal. The program with its unique format and content gained an extraordinary popularity among the viewers to become a top rated show of the electronic media.

He later moved to Geo News and started hosting a unique show “Khabarnaak”.

The two shows of Dunya TV was quite popular which brought it among the race of leading TV outlets due to its contents and anchorpersons, however, the show Hasbe Hal retained its popularity with its main character Azizi (Shoail Ahmed).

Paid documentary of Bahria Town

The race of rating and talk shows does not seem to be over yet but both channels have made handsome money while airing paid documentary or long-duration advertisement of Bahria Town, which has been broadcasting during the transmission of Geo News and Dunay TV for nearly one month.

The role of anchors and journalists working in these media outlets certainly cannot included in that case but the management and owners of the two outlets must be involved in making money and contesting each other in getting business from the owner of Bahria Town.

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