Raja Pervaiz Ashraf: Personal and Political Journey


Islamabad: Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, main character in $ 5 billion Rental Power Scam, has been nominated as upcoming prime minister of Pakistan by the government and its allies.

A short bio of Raja is as follow:

Personal Life

  • Locals say his place of birth is Gaujar Khan’s union council Councalia
  • National Assembly website says his place of birth is Sanghar, Sindh and date of birth is December 25 1950
  • Raja Pervaiz is named after his uncle Col Ashraf who was a minister in former president Ayub Khan era
  • His family has no links with politics before his joining of politics
  • He matriculated from Gaujar Khan
  • After martic, he shifted to Sindh where some of his relatives have lands and where he learnt speaking Sindhi fluently
  • After six years he returned to Gaujar Khan
  •  With his brothers, he set up a shoe factory at Gaujar Khan and later shifted to Islamabad in 1976-77
  • At the capital they started property business and got rich in a short period of time
  • Property business circle says, even presently Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s investment of about Rs. 100 million has been on stake in the property market

Political Life

  • Pervaiz Ashraf participated in 1985 non-party local elections
  • In 1988 he joined Pakistan Peoples Party
  • In 1989 bye-elections he was defeated by Nadir Pervaiz by 120 vote
  • During 1990 and 1993 national elections, he was defeated by joint candidate of Pakistan Muslim League and Jamaat-e-Islami
  • In 1997, he once again lost elections to PML (N) candidate
  • During era of former dictator General Pervaiz Musharraf, he was defeated by Raja Tariq Kayani n in District Nazim Rawalpindi
  • In national elections of 2002, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf defeated PML (N) candidate Chaudhry Zaman by 25000 votes
  • In 2008, he defeated PML (Q) candidate Qasim Javed
  • After PPP government, he was made minister for Water and Power
  • On rental scam, he was reshuffled to ministry of Information Technology