Pashto singer Ghazala Javed killed in Peshawar


Peshawar: Some unidentified men killed famous Pashto singer Ghazala Javed and her father in Peshawar, a metropolitan of Pakistan, on Monday.

Sources said that unidentified men opened fire on a car in Dabgari area of Peashawar, killing the singer and her father.

It is to be mentioned here that Ghazala Javed was a very famous Pashto singer and she have released many audio and video cassettes of her songs.


  1. any way those who impose their faith on others, they are the enemies of quran. so we have to search and find a middle way which can guide us to real Muhammdi Isalam where tabligh is based on logic not on gun. this kind of accidents invite us for research on Islam. when we start reserch we should have Iman on Allah and his Rasool and the quran and than we should go on and see which path and which scool of thought can lead us to a real Islam which can claim the prosperity of the huamn beings. this type of Islam is Denigrating the real islam and its teachings. am i wrong?

  2. omg i just started listening to er songs and wen i saw a commnet where it said that she died i couldnt believe it and i had to find out how its so sad .

  3. she was really a gud singer Allah tallah de wrta mafi naseeb ke ao jinnat ul firdus k wala zay naseeb ke ameen

  4. Ghzala Javed ko Anshallah janat malygaa Q k ua k pechy sary khafa hai aslye aur o zalam khod ba khod pagl hojaye gaa zalam us ke to jwne te aur apk agr jawn bate ya bata mar dy to par yahe Ghzal Javed apk samny hoge ye b zaror hogaaaaaaa

  5. The world is full of crazy people the can’t tolarate the success of others, as a human being we are sad who did the bad action.

  6. ghazala ki sab se badi dushman is ki khoobsoorty thi or us ke baad us ka profession tha jis ma her insan inko bura samjhta hey or paisey ke zor pe hasil kerna chahta hey na janey kyo wo bury nazar nahin aty thy baqy show bizz walo ki tarah ALLAH uske gunah maaf fermae or hamarey bhi ameen

  7. allah de akherat  worla  khakwally ke..os zmong bandy da ghazala jawed  da duwa  khaq de,noor ba  de  sara  da  amaal saweal jawab wee.zmaa tulo  dustanoo na  de  sawal de    che  plz   allah na  de ghazala jawed  da para  da  allah na affeyat mamla ghawaro……………ameen

  8. oh thanks god i appreciate all those who killed her and i will pray to those people who are struggling to killed such people.

  9. oh thanks god i appreciate all those who killed her and i will pray to those people who are struggling to killed such people.

  10.  daiiiiiiiiiiiira kha singara wa  ao dair khkule awaz e wu khu arman de nu bus sa waiu nu larha da dunya na zama khu bus dagha dua da allah de warta jannat naseeeb kai**


  12. ASIF KHAN SWATI…..I am really sorry to hear about the incident death of GHAZALA JAVID and her sweet DAD. I will say the nowadays there is no name of any govt in this country Pakistan. All the rulers are just trying to make the public foolish and the GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN IS RESPONSIBLE of this great asisination of GHAZALA JAVID.

  13. What happened to Ghazal is
    totally not acceptable, it was brutal action but in a country where the life of
    human being has no value rather then what Islam said in the holy Quran, we see
    on daily basis this type of bloodshed everywhere in our homeland. So called Muslim
    country, but how we rule our country is nothing to do with Islam but no religion
    in the world allow killing of innocent peoples.

    We should pray for Ghazal and
    pray for her mother and other family member that God give them faith and put
    away them from evils.

    Whom did this act of crime must
    be hanged and bring to justice with any delay but again it looks not to be possible
    in Pakistan.

    I would like to send my condolence to her family

  14. NO 1 is Safe in Pakistan !!!
    Pakistan shoudnt be exist on the map 🙁
    Shame on Pakistan and pakistani goverment y dont ppl kill this bloody politican who destroy pakistan and they still doing it ba no 1 can say nufin 🙁

  15. Iam Sher del Shah from Kabul Afghanistan,
    and Iam really sad for her death, Iam a persian Speaker but I do know alittle bit pushto,
    I have been to peshawer, mostly people from peshawer if you see their songs you will feel
    their men are mostly  cow, like punjabi fat girls,  study feel check how they are acting in their
    acting, the way they are acting, that is not a culture, that is a time that usually no civilized
    people used to live, there was no shaving, and the way they dress, their way of dressing expresses
    no attention, to their film or, but beside iam happy that they should live like this, because
    once a time there will be a time that they will go with time, not with culture, what is culture,
    usually culture is what your father>grand father>gggg father done living their life but what your’e doing what is your base
    go make your own new culture, and attract the people of world and let the people of world know that
    you r talented enough, to make people watch you feel you know you, and taste you today, in five things starting islam is what
    kalema namaz roza zakat Haj, where is Hejab, that is culture of arab, and are you guies arab, geographically, historically, and culturally you’re far away from arabs
    and what are arabs, what is their relation with us & usa, people are copying those who are enough powerfull to give their people a new thought a new philosophy, a new way of look to living
    what is new in you guies?, you people write write write , and still if people goes in you in way of designing find the map of england in your country and culture, arab, what are you, who are you?
    are you a theif, caz you don’t have of your own something, mobiles technology, philosophy depth of analysis in your culture and making something new, that is attractive not just peshaweris but the world
    that they want to watch, women and men are the only two existence, and they should make it colourfull for their people, and that is not easy if you want to do that, go and think inside your hearth work hard, make something, and then disrespect someone, those who feel burning in their soul, and use someone else to do something harsh for them, and that is ghairat, in peshawer,
    if you do have ghairat, don’t use mobiles, cares, traines, don’t even dress, because textiles and and these are all materials of west, why don’t you think about these things, we know that text tiles every kinda improvements don’t have history more then three hundreds and that is renainsance, but still people of world are like a community, and history of past prooved that, that without any community you can’t be a presistent community,
    so for that every one should be loyal faithfull, honest, and kind, like allah, and our prophet pbuh was, what you guies are doing, don’t copy cultures from amawis, from abasis, go into 4 khalifa and god and mohammad pbuh,
    why hazrat khadija wife of hazrat mohammad was donig tejara, with hazrat mohammad, and why he asked hazrat mohammad for marriage proposal, why not her family asked, why hazrat mohammad used to take women while doing jahad, and doing khetaba, do you remember the dawa of safa, habasha, what?
    have you ever heard saying hazrat mohammad to any kafer, bad things, and if you’re saying do you have any proof, and alhamdu lelah al rab al alamin, what alamin means, god is the one who defines your death and life, or you? think?
    i have alot to say, but there is politics, or family problem, or the culture, that ghairat peshaweri people use to do anything, their child when borns, being small they are being that how to kill, how to be killed, what is naswar? damaging your leavers your mouth, and making your mind, uncontious, what is it’s difference with sharab?
    you don’t have a civilized city, and it’s up to you educationist to reconcile, recycle, rebuild they depth of new generation cultrue in you, that is made by you and what is okay to you, everyone yoru father your mother they are being 1 year old and 50, you’re same like them, but check the time, check your hearth mind, what is ok and don’t be cruel
    if you’re cruel, definately your life will be short, make, feel someone that they are doing wrong, killing is not humanity, being a donkey is not humanity, you have mind, pakistani people call you, you’re damagh mind i not okay your donkey you don’t think and they are not afraid of you but they feel you’re a donkey who don’t have senses, make it okay
    your todays research of all univ should be about this, your society your people your mild way of living and improving, imperialists came and brought to you the literature and culture of war, fight against them, you forgotten fo find your self, your mildness your colour your style passion taste of living, make it the most happy greatfull nation that everyone watch you and copy you
    make it attractive, people watching you, not being a silent person, having his naswar, and if he is not getting what he wants kill people, or if you can’t kill your self, this is death, not life,
    do something that your people find everything in your society, and don’t go outside, what you’re doing, circle it in your province, even not country, politics right now may be playing with your minds and power,
    she was a singer, usually peshawris copy punjabis in dressing in expressions in words copying like G, may be she was enough talented that punjabis were going to copy her, your pushto words, or maybe christians want to make your peshawer the way they want,
    and by killing her your society, your doughters wife, mothers will become more bad, if even they are not bad, they will find it the most better to go and marry an arab then a peshawri or punjabi sindi, balochi, or … somali,
    your nation, your eyes, your hair your noses your lips, they are like roses, go and check chinese somalians even westerns even hinds or any other nation,
    god lied alot of beauty in your race, iam a persian saying to you, not even from your nation not even attracted to your culture or race, but this is what i feel in my hearth in honest words
    tried to express it, i used to study in canadian course in islamabad, and alot of westerns, from australia america england, arabs used to study in course, mostly were feeling that you guies are talented, peshaweris used to learn fastly then others
    there were also other people that were making fun of you guies, and were known that the matches to the fire is girls of your people, when you guies were being appreciated by those people even persians, iranis, were feeling not well, and were trying sometimes
    to their best to play a hidden role, to make you people more foolish, and there were some rules in your society that they were known that is not fair to your society, they were using and were having you allways a unaware, so try to think, think Iam noone, but do think
    is it good to say something bad after a girl that her music were connected with her face eyes beautiful hair, not being a bigass like punj girls, not acting like them, or were the poets, that there is a cute beautiful bird and singing a great music, remembering your past
    remembering those successfull moments, remembering those beautiful gardens and mild weathers being with your family,, don’t point it to just sexual moments of life, poetry is not made for that, sexual activity will be not more then 2 hour, but what is poetry, 1000 years passed
    still people are very keen to good poetry not one nation but whole world appreciats the beauty of nature expressing by words , once again, iam really really sad, that i will have no more of good songs of ghazala in tv there will be a finish line, and will be no talent again like her in your community, and your community will be a hatred community to the people of world once again, where people dies no women have their rights, every one needs to copy their father their society, but nothing new, everything old, like an old film of sharrukh wathing it thousand times.
    and iam commenting due, civilized historical kabul, is near to civilized peshawer city


    • who r u n wot is ur identity and by de way u need to try hard to learn english Mr impress go n suck de white guyz dick like de way most of ur Persian women does here in western world…. that all wot u deserve at the end hahahaha………. cool   

  16. Faheemullah Khan
    ina lillahi wa ina ilaih rajehoon allah iske maghfirat kary jis kese ne bhi is masoom ko qatal kia hai khuda usko is dunia main aur akhirat ma zali kar de ameen khuda ghazala javaid ke ghar walon ko sabr-e-jamil ata farma de ameen

  17. Inna lillahe wa inna elayhe rajeon. Allah oske maghfirat farmade.انا لله وانا الیه راجعون.

  18. Ghazala javed was pashtun and part of pushto culture so we lose some instinct some part of pushto culture . khudaypak de ubakhi.amin.dr musa


  20. ek nachni wali Orat katal hove to sab naraz hen lakin jab ek Hindi attack karta hen aur hazzaro musalman kattal hoty hen,koi be kuch nahe kahta. en Boombing me ketny Musalman hamari Bahnee aur Bahi shaheed howe. ( Arman karo jab Dunya se ek Bara Buzzarg Chala jaye )

    • Yi Ju AFG mi katal hu raha hai ess kai bari mi kiya such te hu, yi tumharee ISI ki waja si, kuda tum sub monafeeqeen ku katam kari, peer Inshallah ham kush rahain gai

  21. ghazala javed Oh my GOD ye kia ho gia yar ye kis ne kia ho ga aur q us bichari ka kis k 7 dushmani thi k ye sab kar dia ALLAH tala us ko yani killed karne walay ko Dozakh ma dal de AUR Hamri ghazala javed k saaaray Gunah maaaaf kar k us ko Jannat ma AAAALA Maqaaaam de


  22. i am realy so sad to heard that bec she was muslim and  pastus.i hate pastus bec when someone became famouse and rich.then other pastus cant afford it.pastus look it panjbies who killed her famouse singer

  23. i thing Allah Tallah ny Ghazala ko mazeed gunahoon se bachaana ta
    is kile uski zindagi le li me samjta hoon k pehly me gunahngaar hon baad me or log Ghazala
    ny jitny bhi gunah kiye hain Allah unki muafirat farmay… AMEEN.


  24. too sad ness new  ghazala javed was young girl and too famous singer i pray for her 
    allah unki sari gunahe maaf karde ameen

  25. jis bemaan ne ghazala javed ka katal kia he . us bemaan ko to tukre tukre karna chahei . allah taalah ghazala javed ko bakhsh de . ameen

    •  cha che hum weshte da da zaan tapoos de waki da mor na ba harami pedashawe we zaka che dase sarray da peso da para khpala mor hum chaklay la bozee

          • M Sonia89 ta kho da Insaniyat na khabr hum na yee da kanzale ta hage ta na de kare  ta zan ta wakre /da kar che chahum kare we Allah de thba barbad ke Suma Ameen / Ghazala Javeed  de Allah jannat perdus naseeb ke Ameen Suma Ameen }  {da kho yao gul wo pa gulonu ke che /biya ba yee Arman kawe razarghun ba nashe }