A light on Ghazala Javed career

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Peshawar: Ghazala Javed is one of the rare Pashto female singers who gained popularity in a brief career.

She started singing career in 2004 and became a popular Pashto singer of young pashtoon generation in few months. After getting fame in the music world, she was compared with Nazia Iqbal—a famous Pashto singer.

She sang a song with Rahim Shah “Da Zara Bailale me par ta de”, “Za sta yama Janana” and “Ta khukoli qudrati yaw gul da fasarli” in 2010 and that was the turning point of her career.

She has released more than two dozens of her albums and also made song videos in beautiful areas of Swat and Dubai. Ghazala was also a dancer and performed in wedding parties and functions. She has also worked in a Pashto film.

She was got married with a local businessman Jehangir Khan but wanted to get separation from him to pursue her music career.

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