Mubashir Luqman is back; hosts show on Dunya TV today


Islamabad: Mubashir Luqman will host show on Dunya TV today and “answer to all accusations” levelled against him after a video leak, showing off-the-air remarks of a Malik Riaz interview with him and Mehar Bukhari.

Luqman tweeted on Monday that “I am sure a lot people will be shocked who had spread rumors that I had run away to UK to avoid an inquiry. Well I am here.”

He cursed all those people who kept on using abusive language against him on social media and told them to “please go off my time line or I will block you”.

He advised all gossipmongers to “read Quran and see what it says about those who spread rumors”.

When one of his fans told him that he was shocked to see the leaked video and asked Luqman if he was guilty over the episode, the anchor replied: “If I was guilty why would I be back? Why would I not run away? And guilty of what man? Have a heart and wait for the show.”

He said that a lot of people abused him and his family over the past three days and said he felt sorry about that.

He claimed that the video leak was a conspiracy against Dunya TV, as the channel is now dominating its competitors.


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    I just want to ask that PML-N won in Punjab due to his good governance. Why TV anchor not saying that PML-N won in Punjab and PPPP won in Sind due to there good governance in
    Provence’s. All you saying only for PML-N that they won due to good governance, Why not for PPPP One thing you all TV anchor not saying That Sindi people support there Party and Punjabi people support there Party. This the final Drama result of this Election. Which is not good sign for Pakistan Boundaries. What a fantastic result that if you won only in Punjab you can make Central & Province Govt. Other Province people will respect this Govt? Please discuss about this on TV today. This is the first time that PML-N in centr and PPPP in Sind.
    We have to see now that will PPPP remind History which PML-N done with PPPP when PPPP was in center. God bless my country.


  4. اسسلام و علیکم
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       گزارش ہکہ اس وقت ہمارے ملک پاکستان کو چند ایک قانون کی ضرورت ھے موجودہ سیاستدانو سے تو کوئ امید نہیں ھے خدا اور میدیا سے عوام کو امید ضرور ھے اگر آپ سوچیں میری بات درست ھے تو میری عوام کے سامنے رکھین ورنہ نا رکھیں لیکن ایک مرتبہ سوچیں ضرور
    1=تمام سیاستدان اور سرکاری افسروں اور ملازموں کے بچے لازما” پاکستان کے سکاری سکول کالج اور یونیورسٹیوں میں تعلیم حاصل کریں ناکہ پرائیوٹ اداروں یا ملک سے باھر
    2=غیر ملکی تعلیم کا سیاستدان یا سرکاری افسر ھمیں نہیں چاھیے سیاستدان یا سرکاری افسر یا سرکاری ملازم ھونے کے واسطے مکمل تعلیم ملکی ھونا لازمی ھو
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  6. M. Luqman was my favourite but now i hate him. I have promised that I would never listen to him. My faourite now in pakistan is the only Chief Justice and his colleagues.

  7. For GOD sake, stop the game now. Enough is enough. Mubashir, you should be ashmaed for yours act. You and anchors persons involved in the corruption are RAEES-UL-MUNAFAQEEN. I am far sure that yours inner is dead.

  8. A crook is a crook, stop defending these double standard people, these types of low life people has destroyed our beloved Pakistan, they are making deals behind the curtains, he calls it propaganda , it’s live on tv in your own words,

    Wrong is wrong and it stops there, NO EXCUSES

  9. He is a puppet of mqm , ppp and pml (Q).He defamed the PTI by his acts.
    He defamed Imran Khan by his acts.
    We will not accept him in PTI anymore.
    He shall join Hussain Haqqani and try to sell himself in USA so that he can find some better price of his soul.
    He should take another villa from Malik behria in dubai and should leave our country.



  11. Blackmailer cant be journalist infect he is failed filmmaker and broker type person and joined this field and damage the image of journalism but any way he exposed now thats the good thing for pakistani journalism .

  12. i think if somebody reveals other interviews we will get a better idea if Luqman is right or wrong. May be every interview is conducted in the same manner. I cannot blame Luqman …

  13. you are the part of that conspiracy against supreme court and CJ. i do not know how someone could be that brave to call himself not guilty when u know that u r guilty on moral ground. you are living in the state of total denial.   

  14. Hasan and
    Adeem are possibly Mubashir Luqman itself or some of his relative or friends.
    Shame on you all ..I have tracked down the source ips of person added comments
    in favour of Luqman and its interesting here to note that it is Luqman himself of some of
    his friend who is adding these favourable comments. NO ONE IS SUCH A STUPID TO DENY
    at this and other similar platforms. Once again shame on all of you trying to save the culprits like Mubashir Luqman.

  15. When you first time started your program my heart did not accepted you as a honest host and i never used to watch your shows accept advertisements(hated) but now you have proven to be a fake show host who can interfere our judiciary system.I knew one day you will run away from Pakistan because your interest was money not Pakistan.May God punish you.

  16. lanat hay tum pr kutay ab kia justification do gay, kia teray sath dunya ki intazamian bi corrupt hay ????????????????????????????????????????????????/
    me shocked after listen so ? how much black money you have get uptill now ????????????????????????????/
    ye hay tera asli roop kutay. tum to Zardari. Riaz aur Musharaf k paltoo dog ho?

    tooo to wife ko bi en k pass bhejta ho ga for pregnancy……………

    teray bachon ka bap kon hay ZARDARI , RIAZ/ YA MUSHARAF ??????????????/

  17. This is epic propaganda in favour of these losers Mubashir and Mehar. Repeatedly begged for a  villa in Dubai…. the only thing left was getting on his knees, I am sure in more privacy he would have. Yes he is going to stay ..have you heard “chori aur seena Zori” History is full of these criminals.  Thsi is face saving. If he ran that means for sure he is guilty and therefore no career, a definite suicide. So my friends, he has no choice but to stay and therefore at the least cause some doubt for people who desperately want to believe in him. In my opinion, People should switch channels when he is ON. That is the only way to strike back at these corrupt and undignified anchors. NO viewership will make them IRRELEVANT. Then take all the villas you want ..if any one is willing to donate you one. 

  18. hasan ..your head is in the gutter that’s why or maybe you have given a contract to blog in favour of these losers….

  19. demanding a villa is nothing han , he is bastered , he is harami , is ko phr b sharam ni i , bjaye mafiiii mangny k apni galti b ni manta , video main khud kha is bastered ne k kisi ko pata ni chalna chaye k yeh interview planted ha or is awam ko b sharam ni ati jo abi tak is jasy kutyyyy ko support kar riii ha 

  20. he was exposing so much truth that people can’t handle it …. those who r pro u.s and saudi arab ….. to get him off the screen this video is leaked … and there is nothing wrong to do off screen discussion…..  

  21. Hasan, Kiran, Fahad and Urooj,
     i dont know anything about journalism but if i try to put it in words i would say a person should be able to say whatever their opinion is based on facts and information they have gathered and should ask questions to all public figures or their guests about anything and everything WITHOUT THEIR INPUT IN QUESTIONS. but when you are asking your guests that what should i ask and then say what he wants you to say thats advertising and that should be classed under marketing. On the other side CJ sure is a humanbeing and can commit sins and is not above the law but as a professional he has done everything right, his son’s name came up in a news he took action AGAINST him. he took him off the bench who is hearing the case i think thats professional specially in pakistan. then there are a lot of people who say that he is taking on all the cases against current gov and malik Riaz but not the opposition just to take revenge. My freinds there are cases against those people, may be th timing is not that great but of course we have to start from people who are most powerfull in the country to set an example. again i dont see anything wrong with it.

    You guys say that you havent seen anything in that leaked episode which is abnormal.
    1)Mubahir asking Malik Riaz that he needs the same Villa as he gave it to Hamid Mir.
    2)Fighting with his Coleauge over some time issues and then walking out is pretty professional .
    3) Askin Gillani’s son to let  him talk about something and let malik riaz give him the permission to say it is professional.
    4) Let Malik riaz tell him what he wants him to ask and who will ask what … pretty professional

    I agree to the fact that we all should be looking at the broader picture and with an open mind but to me you guys are lil bias about it.

    • Need comments on this from Hasan kiran fahad and urooj……How simply you all said there was nothing wrong with that video???

    • That’s calling spade a spade.

      Over to ” Hasan, Kiran, Fahad and Urooj ” where are you guys hiding? Please speak up in your benign innocence.

  22. I don’t know why we have very narrow vision and accept the media propogenda and jealousy factor. If he was talking to sombody, so what all anchor talk politician and their family members during the break. Its nothing wrong on it. .Media just want to detroy somebody fame because they can’t digest somebody high rating. As a audiance we have to think out of box and we have to support him. Because atleast he has a courage to counter attack other politician. I think we have only few people in our country who have ability to speak Khari Bath . There is nothing wrong in this video ,its a normal practice in media and as well our personal life.
    Mubashir Luqman Sir. Don’t disappointed people comments ,they have tunnel vision . But always keep in mind that few people still have a courage to stand with truth.

  23. Shame on u..sab kuch sammne hai aur phir b apne aap ko sacha sabit karne ki koshish kar rahe ho ..yumhe to chullo bhar paani mein doob marna chahiye..magar kaise?halaal maal khaeya ho to himmat ho na…aur jo tumhein ab b support kar rahe hain ….un ka Allah he hafiz hai…acha lagne ka matlab ye nai…k us ki har galti ko muaaf kar diya jaaye…ehtsaab ehtsaab kehte ho…to pehle itni himmat paida karo k brabri ki satah per ehtsaab kar sako…yeh luqman jaise log tumhari kamzoori jaante hain..k..2 din baad ye log phir normal ho jaaye gein….dosto…b strong…Allah ko b jawab dena hai..

  24. Whole clip uploaded by a black sheep in itself proves that it was not pre-planed. Conmen man is misguided by those who know the process of interview.

  25. Hassan
    I am amazed at your comment!
    May be the background you are from let you say so ‘ I dont find anything wrong…’
    because every single soul who has seen and read words and body language would not agree with you.
    Before that PLANTED interview, I was also very big fan of Lucman, but he has fallen now….like others……for money and fame.

    As far as clarification of Maher Bukhari is concerned, it was a completely rubbish.
    a prostitute can not be spare just because she was sinning in privacy/or under roof, it is mere excuse, they were committing ‘FASAD’ which is equal to Murder.

    Start using your brain before it returns to its creator.

  26. Ever wondered what kind a hypocrite person he is when he smiles and becomes a beacon for his investigatory attitude towards his invited guests as if he is the supreme authority of truth and righteousness. The leaked video should be a living proof to such i d i o t s who say it is normal thing to act like this during intervals. Demanding bombs, villas (my foot), such a moron has no space in print, media and e-media world. All other of his ilk should be put in line of fire and publicly prosecuted especially Hamid Meer.

  27. Pakistan is unfortunately one of the few countries on the planet where Guilty people do not have to resign or run away. They either buy there way back in or feeding bullshit to Pakistani people about their so-called innocense, considering that most of the Pakistani people are stupid.

    Just take an example of our Prime Minster. He was deemed officially guilty by the Supereme Court of Pakistan, yet he is still the Prime Minster. He has neither any shame or grace to step down.

    Shame on him and on Mehar B, I believe they are in the wrong profession. They should look into becoming politicans. It will suit them well.

    • One can only feel disgraced and ashamed only when one has any dignity to begin with.   Pride, shame, dignity mean nothing to them so long as they can extort power and millions. You can call a Donkey “khota” all day long, it won’t bother. Same analogy here. What makes these people different is that they wouldn’t mind these name calling so long as you them $$$.

  28. He (Mubashir Lucman) asked Riaz Malik to give him a Villa same like the one given to Hamid mir in bahria why he demanded that? Is Riaz Thekedaar is the Brother in Law (Behnoi) of Mubashir? and why meher bukhari said in off time that this interview shouldnt seem like a planted one although it is….

  29. baat ye hai k ye dunya tv walay jo itnee safai bian ka rahay hain to kia in logon ne video ghor se nai daikhee,,ya phir ye log awam ki aankhon me dhool jhokhney ki koshish kar rahay hain. maana k geo waly theek nai kar rahay lekin aap hee bataaeeay ga kia meher bukhari ne vedio me nai kaha k (ye show planted hai) kisi ko pata na chaley or malik riaz ko 1,, 1 baat kaisey samjha rahi thee or  luqmaan ne ye nai kaha k (mujay b 1 vela chaeeay) to phir aap log in ki bekaar ki support kr k upna image q kharab kr rahay hain.
    kisee bhee ghalat aadmi ko support karnay k liay khud bhi crrupt or ghalat banna parta hai.

    pleas ab bas kar do… pleas pakistan par reham karo or yahaan key logon ko bharosa karnay ki itnee bari saza mat do….pleas 

  30. Well may be Mubashir is not guilty but one thing was clear from the interview that he absolutely has no respect for judiciary. He has connections with PM Gilani’s son and Riaz’s son is only through with Luqman (as told by the contractor). Can a person with this profile host a balanced and nuteral show???? I doubt. those who still want to waste their time go ahead…

  31. Once you were my favorite journalist, now I really don’t know what to say. How you justify yourself? Saying that’s conspiracy against duniya tv, it won’t make any sense. Meher tried unsuccessfully to come clean but now viewers know all these tricks. If you are going to explain your position like Meher then please leave it. You are going make things worst for yourself, if you have courage then face what you have said and your off the screen performance. Rest is upto you.



  32. I dont find anything in the complete clip for which Mubashir Luqman should feel ashamed.Its informal talk which people of any profession would have normally. I am sure the propaganda is orchestrated just to create hype against anchor like mubashir. I would also ask Pakistanis to open up their eyes and minds and not to be carried away by the propaganda done for vested interests of few individuals or parties, and organizations .In fact rather than criticizing mubashir, people like Hamid Mir should come forward and answer accusations.They should come on TV and declare their assets and sources of income like Talat did a few days ago. One more question, ” Is judiciary and CJ above the law or Are they and their families angels who can not commit any sin. More importantly, Naozbillah, do they consider themselves as GOD, who can be criticized or asked questions. They are also from the same society from where 18 crore people of this country come and live. Or like if they are never going to retire and die. I think instead of hiding behind curtains and behaving like untouchables,judiciary and CJ should also come forward and present themselves for any inquiry by the public. Less they answer this with Suo Moto and Contempt of Court.

    • very well said…. this is what every1 should understand and realize. there was not even a single clip which can make him guilty. everybody should gather some sense and stop following the stupid kind of propaganda against him created by these ……

          • I am sorry to say with this type of thinking we can never change even our rulers…… dear you all three knows very well that were some faults from him but you don’t want to accept.

          •  I don’t understand whether you three are in mystical delusion or optical illusion…calling tennis ball a football doesn’t change the fact

          • Ya you just think but facts are obvious.Sachaee chup naheen saktee banawat ka usoolon say ka khusboo Aa naheen saktee kabhee kakhaz ka phoolon say

    • we all are with you luqman. you should not be ashamed of anything as you have not done anything wrong. go ahead. we all are with you. best of luck luqman.

    • I agree with u @Hassan….well if personally u ask me about Lukman… i like him..more over…yes no one is angel in Pakistan, who does not commit sin..every 1 does..& stop following the stupid propaganda!!!

    • how about when Mehar said, “…It should not seem planted, although it is planted…” what makes you think it is okay?

    • hats off to you and your thoughts. you are absolutely right. this nation can never understand the fact or i would rather say this nation has not this much of understanding to understand these things. they will just follow the crowd they don’t have their own thoughts. they have just put in their minds that CJ can never be wrong no matter what. and now he is or his party members are allowed to do anything because this fool nation will never accept that CJ can do any thing wrong. they will keep on covering his wrongdoings and would never blame them. and they have to be right all the time. may Allah give this nation some brain to understand theses things.

      • No listening,may Allah give you the brain to leave this already suffering nation,who has got someone(CJ) to bring all those characters in front who are still ruining the life of every single pakistani except those(corrupts)like yourself.Do not call us fool nation again except your ownself and your corrupt beloved TV host.

    • I believe you are the one who needs to open his eyes and mind. You are moving away from the real facts and rather presenting an absurd argument. That footage clearly incriminates your beloved Mr. Luqman whose behavior and actions led to the conclusion that he was inclined towards his guest and exclusively set up a program to mold the public opinion in the favor of his guest. I am sure off camera a lot of stuff happens and they have all the freedom to say whatever what they want but if you set up a program just to propagandize and create a sense of insecurity in the pubic that is unfair and not tolerable. This also can be considered as an abuse of one’s power and position. Lastly, if you happened to watch that video you could clearly see that they themselves admit a fact that everything is planted. Now i ask you why i would want to watch that show when an anchor, whose intentions are deceitful and does not have any regard of what kind of content he should put in and promotes yellow journalism.

        •  they won’t get it, its nothing if you see Duniya TV website you will see everyone writing things in their dad’s favor 🙂

    • Sorry we do not want to listen your cunning advises,Fact and reality is already brought up to the nation and it is not few individuals the whole 99.5% of the people are on the positive side they want the country to progress and flurish but some nuts like yourself are trying now in vain to defend the corrupts and keep the charge in their dirty hands.Masses are never agreed with fraudulants.

      •  no need to ask these strange people for any thing, funny thing is that on duniya news website every single comment is in favor of Mubashar and you can not comment anything against as moderator doesn’t allow, Azad Sahafat ka moun bolta saboot 😀

    • i think u r the one who needs to opn his mind before accusing the judges and their families can u plz ask luqman how did he become a rich man and the kind of informal talks he was having clearly indicated that he was well paid for the interview he is no babe in the woods for heavnes sake its people like u who support our corrupt society

    • Hassan, your a Sleeping Sheep, open your eyes and see the facts, i think your also the product of corrupt mafia, either your taking banifits from one of them, or your the son one of them.


      Your Mubashir luqman protecting here yourself.

  33. we don’t know  about this program but we know geo group wale bohot shatir chalak
    or taqatwar hen wo apney aage kisi ko bardasht nahi karte

  34. It was clear what transpired during the breaks of transmission. What people saw was:
    1) Cynicism of the journalists involved. You tried to hoodwink the nation. They will never forgive you.
    2) Hypocrisy what you claim to expose in others resides in you in a big way.
    3) Ego, fighting over who asks what questions. The journalists were just scoring points not concerned with content.
    4) Manipulation, the questions asked were planted, everything prepared. You treated the nation as a flock of idiots. 
    5) Breaking of a bond of trust with your viewers. This will never be fixed again.

    I can go on. But ML when you have blatantly show that you are nothing but a cynic, a hypocrite, a manipulator, and a person who is untrustworthy what else is left? Nothing but the hollowness of your EGO. Can you hear the echo Mr. Luqman?

  35. Luqman is a real bustard…We should get rid of such ediots those who remained the pet dog of Musharraf…Allah is great and has exposed these anchors those have lust for mony and fame and they dam care for the nation. If such person again appears on the TV channel, then such TV channel should be banned and its licence should be cancelled. Further, Dunyia’s Managment Mr ammir is also a big rascal., Dog of musharraf is also involved in this game…

  36. We still believe in you Mr. Luqman. Please go ahead and do your program and bring the truth forward and expose the conspiracies which are being perpetrated against you by so-called “FARISHTEY” 

  37. No more Mr. Luqman you have lost your credibility nothing matters what clarification you give, who will believe it?? Better take retirement and enjoy the gift of Thekedar Riaz

  38. Whatever Mubashir did off air is nothing different from other anchors. He talked about laptop scandal in detail few days back, and now he is in hot water by the lobby of Nawaaz paid anchors.

  39. Pakistani donkeys only know how to follow. They can never lead. If one person is being targeted, the entire nation will start barking against him. Fucking Pakistanis. 

  40. I feel sorry for the people commenting down there. I could not identify even a single thing that showed any bias in the off air clips. 

  41. irfan,
    beghart log ha dosoroon ka kitni tazleee kata tha ya mubashir luqman khaari baat ka program main KHARI BAAT tou ya ha ka ya insan nungaaa ho gaya, or aub pata chala ka BMW ka bharam jo ya marta tha kis na dee is koooo, ya tou JAMSHEED DASTI sa be bara begharat nikla

    • Mubashir you are such joottaaaa person you deceive the whole nation.we saw your real face.go somewhere,where no body knows u.shame on u and mehar

  42. you( Mubashir Luqman ) must read QURAN and  see what it says,
    تَأْكُلُوا أَمْوَالَكُمْ بَيْنَكُمْ بِالْبَاطِلِ وَتُدْلُوا بِهَا إِلَى
    الْحُكَّامِ لِتَأْكُلُوا فَرِيقاً مِنْ أَمْوَالِ النَّاسِ بِالإِثْمِ
    وَأَنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ

    eat up not one another’s property unjustly, nor give bribery to the
    rulers that you may knowingly eat up a part of the property of others

    (Aayah No. 188, Surah Al-Baqarah, Chapter No. 2, Holy Qur’an).

    I was a really big fan of you for a long time, from now and till i die i’ll never watch TV shows about politics…you (uneducated/corrupt journalists) all go to hell…Imti Balti

      • , I ask one Question all of those friends to pass on favor comments for luqman
        Why not clarify this alleigation, for vedio yet.??????

          •  come on @9ce55bdbb88e682e63c8527acdc4ccee:disqus, @947b23557e4f903e8c7b2ff5b7536572:disqus asked a very simple question, very simple and you are not reading anything you are just writing like you have got some money for his favor be reasonable with your comments atleast they should make sense 😛

          • Whatever Mubashir did off air is nothing different from other anchors. He talked about laptodetail few days back, and now he is in hot water by the lobby of Nawaaz paid anchors.p scandal in .inshalla mubashar bhy will back soon

  43. No more Mr. Luqman.. ur as corrupt as the politicians u used to speak against. ironic that the worst episode in ur life came at the time of fauzia wahab’s death (the person who actually made u famous after that cross fire exchange on youtube)

  44. if u left with any respect get ur ass off from duniya t.v retarted mushraff dog we all hate uu dual personality a corrupt person only works for money